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  • Date: 20-12-2014, 12:26
20-12-2014, 12:26


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Mind, please, that there are some changes to the competition dates:

the Semi-Final and the Final of the NPSC will take place on 12-13 March 2015.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

1.Debate game.

2.Presentation of impromptu speech.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Presentation of the prepared speech.

The theme of the prepared speech for the Final is 'Culture is Not a Luxury, But a Necessity'.

 Five possible topics for debates at the Semi-Final will be announced in February 2015 for the semi-finalists to have time for thorough preparation.  The actual topic for debate will be chosen from five possible only on the day of the debate game, 12 March 2015.


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20-12-2014, 12:00

We are pleased to announce the semi-finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition 2014-2015

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The semi-finalists are listed in alphabetical order by the last name:


1.      Berezovska Yuliia Chernivtsi Lyceum 3


2.      Bezzadina Dariia Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


3.      Buhai Tetiana Ichnia Gymnasium, Nizhyn Regional Lyceum


4.      Ilchenko Kateryna National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla academy


5.      Ioffe Vladyslav Zaporizhzhya Gymnasium 31


6.      Khrustsel Anastasiia College of Chernivtsi National University


7.      Kuchkin Mykyta Kirovograd Secondary School 14


8.      Leonovetz Lyubov Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


9.      Lutsenko Lilia Chernihiv region, Gymnasium of Varva


10.  Maiba Diana Cherkassy School 6


11.  Prochai Myroslava Nizhyn Regional Lyceum


12.  Rudenko Juliia Chernihiv  School 1


13.  Rybchenko Dariia Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


14.  Scorohod Yuliia Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


15.  Seredenko Oksana Ruskin University


16.  Shevchuk Dariia Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


17.  Shulika Anastasiia College of Chernivtsi National University


18.  Sorokin Volodymyr Kirovograd Medical College


19.  Vladov Oleksandr Kirovograd State Pedagogical University


20.  Volkova Olesya Kirovograd State Pedagogical University



B                                                                                        Congratulations!



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4-12-2014, 22:43

Meeting with the representatives of the Center of Exchange-Traded Technologies

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"Is it easy to sell money? I answer this simple question that it is as easy as a pie!’’

Tuesday, October 25th, students of the Foreign Languages Department of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University had an amazing meeting with the representatives of the Center of Exchange-Traded Technologies. The meeting was organized by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine. Due to the holding week of the youth financial literacy a lot of useful and interesting information concerning the development of financial knowledge and skills was given. Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Sosonsky and his colleagues are looking for new workers with the knowledge of English for their company. They need such professionals as financial consultants and analysts, traders, freelance trade agents and managers.

The students were invited to the central office of the company, which is located on 25, Dvortsova Street in Kirovograd for detail information and individual talk. The course of studying costs above $ 1,000,  but now you can get it completely free and succeed in a new field having an opportunity to earn some money. If business becomes profitable, students can get a great amount per month.

Everybody enjoyed the presentation and was thankful for such an informative and friendly meeting.

‘’We hope for our cooperating and will be waiting for you. Have a good day and aim at success! ‘’


Anna Klymovska, 3-rd year student, KSPU





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2-12-2014, 07:47

Meeting with the Ambassador

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Meeting Her Majesty's Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Simon Smith was something I had been looking forward to since the day after the national rounds of the International Public Speaking Competition in Kirovograd ended. Needless to say, visiting an Ambassador in his residence for teais not an everyday experience.

The anticipation of the meeting was further enlarged by the amount of time I had to wait – initially planned for April-May, it was finally held in November. As one can see, the aggression of our tri-coloured neighbour causes discrepancies and inconveniences at many levels – geopolitical and personal alike.

Having finally stepped onto what formally is British territory under theVienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, that is Mr. Ambassador’s residence, the first thing that came across my mind is that his temporary dwelling felt like a home of a British family. There was the simple yet exquisiteinterior, with big floor space and high ceilings that gave the place a feeling of both homely coziness and diplomatic esteem.

As I was pouring myself a cup of tea with milk (milk first, I’ve heard that’s how they do it in Britain’s north) whilst admiring the many paintings and features of the interior, a pleasant-looking man approached us. “Simon” – he introduced himself, shook everyone’s hand with a smile and invited the six of us into the living room. Mr. Smith followed the diplomatic protocol even in a meeting with students.

What followed next is a discussion so interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring that it really should have been put in a word-for-word record of the meeting and published somewhere. Of course, this is all thanks to Mr. Smithalong with his wife Sian, who were great hosts and conversation keepers. They toldus their life stories, were interested to hear ours, gave in-depth answers to both easy questions and not. Surely, because Britain plays a significant role in supporting Ukraine in our strive for European way of life and war against the Kremlin, and Mr. Smith is a representative of the British government, a large part of the time was dedicated to the topics of Maidan, Crimea, Donbas, war. Not the most pleasant topics for a teatime conversation, but such are the times we live in.

Fortunately, and thanks to Margarita Danilko, after quite a while we switched to the topic of literature, as I was still itching with questions about politics and international law, overexcited by Ambassador’s answers and insight. He reminded me of his colleague and my grandfather. It seems that with both of them I could talk for hours and never run out of topics to discuss and argue about.


The result of Mr. Smith’s and Sian’s hospitality was that we spent more than two hours at the residence – twice as much of what was initially agreed upon. For us, the students, it was a chance to view our country and its problems from a foreign perspective in an educated way, get a grasp of how the world sees us. And I hope that for the lovely Smith’s it was a chance to perceive the struggles of a young generation of Ukrainians – the ones too young to be in political power, yet too old not to be involved in the creation of their new home and a new Ukraine.  

VladyslavDanyleiko, the winner of the NPSC 2014, a law student of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.