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International Seminar in Poland

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    Having seen the announcement about the Polish-German-Ukrainian seminar “Learning from history” held in Poland, Oświęcim on November 14-18, 2015, we realized that it was a great opportunity to broaden our knowledge about refugees, migrants, historical background of migration and discuss some urgent topics of nowadays in the historical perspective. As this issue has become extremely topical in Ukraine recently, we decided to embrace the challenge and applied for the seminar. Only 8 participants managed to go through the tests and the interview and were chosen to participate in the seminar.

Poland met us with a good, sunny weather. That was the first day of our staying in the country, so everyone was anxious anticipating the beginning of our seminar. The seminar started with an integration round and the participants had a good chance to get acquainted and to know more about each other. The end of the day witnessed preparations for the visit to one of the most terrible places in the world, Auschwitz concentration camp. Auschwitz concentration camp was the largest German Nazi concentration camp and the centre of mass extermination of Jews. At least 1,100,000 people were killed in Auschwitz, of these almost a million of the victims were Jews.  We visited ‘Auschwitz’ to see the traces of the past and acquire knowledge of the camp history and the Holocaust. In one of the rooms the guide said, “Close your eyes and imagine that each pair of boots belonged to a person. A person who had a life, who loved, who had hopes and dreams.” And we stood paralysed with terror in front of eighty thousands boots piled up behind the glass that belonged to victims of Auschwitz. 


    Visiting the former camp forced everyone to think over: How would I have behaved back then? How would I behave now if I had to make a difficult choice in face of evil? How should I behave for this to never happen again? 

The Nazi could break people's bodies but not their souls. We stood in silence, reading the words one little boy left on the memory wall: 

"Those victims of man's hatred 

were children just like me 

Those dragged from their homes in the middle of the night 

were children just like me 

Those one and half a million innocent souls 

were children just like me 

Yes, those children of the Holocaust 

were children just like me 

And you, who killed my neighbors, my friends and my family 

You too, were children just like me" 


    The next day of our staying in Poland was devoted to the meeting with the members of PAH, Polish humanitarian organization, and an Afghan refugee, Khalil Ahmed Arab, who made away from his motherland because of Taliban and found retreat in Poland. PAH is a volunteer organization established by Janina Ochojska, it is aimed to promote humanitarian values and make the world a better place. PAH aids people from all over the world including Ukraine. Michał Serwiński, the head of PAH office in Kracow, was initiating us into nuances of their work as the procedure of gathering money, skills required to work in PAH, etc. Everybody was impressed by how dedicated those people were, not to mention Khalil who went through many obstacles and managed to learn Polish, receive education and get a job. Besides, everybody enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the meeting.

While the last day of the seminar we had a wonderful opportunity to meet an amazingly beautiful Krakow. Most of us immediately fell in love with the city. We visited the Wawel Castle, that represents Gothic architecture. Krakow amazed us by its beautiful architecture and kind people, who would always show us the right way around the city. 

    The seminar was exciting and informative.  What is more,  it was interactive. We discussed many urgent problems through playing.  For example,  we were to present ourselves as" perfect" refugees (we were given the country of origin,  Sex,  religion and the nationality of a person to perform.  That meant that all the participants had to answer such important questions as "Why do I flee? ", Where? How?  Where do I get money?  What can I take with ME?  It was both fun and educating as we tried to be in the shoes of a refugee. After the presentations and discussions it turned out that getting an  asylum is a long and tough process. One more interesting activity was a group analysis "From differences to extermination". We took the historical example of the Jews in Germany and  step by step studied how being different caused prejudice and stereotypes of them as a nation, and then built a timeline of what events led to Holocaust and compared the past with what's happening in the world today.

During the seminar Ukrainian, Polish and German participants shared their knowledge, discussed the history and it was amazing to look at it from different angles. Despite different cultures and worldviews we made great friends, learning something new about the countries and cultures and also about ourselves from a new perspective. 

    There was a lot to learn and a lot of conclusions to make, but the main is – we as a community should learn from the history not to repeat the mistakes of the past.



Members of the ESU Ukraine, students of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University:

Volodymyr Shelar, Anastasiia Mishchenko, Dariia Bezzadina, Lyubov Leonovets, Alina Ukradyzhenko, Yevheniia Kifenko, Alex Khlopenko, Juliia Chobu




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Training Workshops’ Timetable

Category: Information

6 November, Friday , 9:40 am

Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. 

Workshop 1, coach Daria Bezzadina

“Making a Speech”(Choosing the Topic, Research the TopicEvidence Search)

9 November, Monday, 9:40 am

Room 709, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. 

Workshop 2, coach Dariia Shevchuk

“Impromptu Speech”( Speech structure)

10 November, Tuesday, 11:10 am

Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. 

Workshop 3, coach Daria Bezzadina

“Prepared Speech”(Speech Structure)

11 November, Wednesday, 11:10 am

Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. 

Workshop 4, coach Daria Bezzadina

 “Speech Guidance”(Interpreting the theme, Credibility, Introduction and conclusion)

12 November, Thursday, 9:40 am

Room 608, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. 

Workshop 5, coach Dariia Shevchuk

“Making an Impromptu  Speech” (Supporting your statements)