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22-02-2018, 17:32

We invite pupils and students to join us for the 2018 ESU Ukraine Shakespeare Competition!

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The 2018 English-Speaking Union Ukraine Shakespeare Competition will take place on 1-24 April 2018 at  Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University.

The Competition is open for 10-11 form school pupils and 1-6 year of studying university students.


Round 1:

  1. Make a video presentation of one sonnet and save it on Youtube. Take the sonnet only on the site.
  2. Download an application formfrom the ESU web-site ( Heading “Our Projects”, Shakespeare Competition). Fill in the form, indicating the reference to the video presentation on Youtube.
  3. Send the application form with a link on the presentation in Youtube by email to Write your surname as the name of the document.


The Deadline for application forms and video presentations is 1 April, 2018.

The results of Round 1 will be announced on 10, April 2018 on the ESU site semi-finalists will be invited to take part in the final of the competition.


Round 2:

  1. Semi-finalists learn and recite a different sonnet by W. Shakespeare in the final stage of the competition. It will be held on 24April 2018.


  • Each participant must select, memorize and perform one sonnet from Shakespeare's 154 sonnet cycle for Round 1, and a different one for Round 2;
  • The sonnet must be complete (no cutting of lines in the sonnet is allowed);
  • Presentation should be shot indoors, in one place, at one time in sequence;
  • Full length shot, formal style;
  • Students can notwear costumes or use props of any kind (including chairs, jewelry, items of clothing, etc.);
  • Music accompaniment is not allowed.

Presentations, which do not meet the above mentioned requirements, will not be taken into consideration.

Through the Shakespeare Competition students develop communication skills and an appreciation of the power of the English language and literature.

In the English-Speaking Union Ukraine Shakespeare Competition students:

  • Get engaged in an interactive, performance-based study of the English literature.
  • Participate in the close reading of Shakespeare's text through intellectual, physical and vocal engagement.
  • Develop critical thinking and close reading skills.
  • Increase their self-confidence with public-speaking.
  • Discover and explore the beauty of complexity of Shakespeare's poetic language and classic themes.
  • Bring the timeless works of Shakespeare to life and learn to express his words with understanding, feeling and clarity.

To learn more about the Competition and the English-Speaking Union Ukraine, visit  Contact us by email/by mobile phone:

0509179515 Margaryta Danilko

066 3317911 Nadiya Ivanenko

0672546400 Larysa Yarova  



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1-02-2018, 10:02

Break your borders!

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Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is one of the most important forms of communication. It can help anyone build a great career and succeed.

On January 27th America House in Kyiv warmly welcomed the semi-finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition organized by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine. It was an incredible opportunity to make our voices heard, exchange ideas, meet interesting people and expand our horizons.     The event consisted of two stages. First, 19 amazing young people from all over the country delivered their prepared speeches on the topic “Art has no borders” and answered the questions from the audience, judges and the Question team afterwards. Everyone interpreted the theme in a unique, extraordinary way. To be honest, I find it fascinating how every individual has a different understanding and perception of the world. The second stage was the final: 8 participants were selected to present impromptu speeches. We had only 10 minutes for preparation and 3 minutes to share what we have to say. All the finalists did a fantastic job and successfully coped with this task. Some performances truly took my breath away.

After an intense discussion the judges finally announced Karyna Kovalchuk as the audience choice winner, Ihor Kryvyi as the runner-up and me as the winner of NPSC 2018! I was so surprised and couldn’t even believe that my dream is coming true and I will represent Ukraine in London this May.

Despite the intense spirit of NPSC, it was a pleasurable and enriching experience. During the breaks public speakers got to know each other better while having a cup of coffee together. It was so enjoyable to meet like-minded people. The judges were also very friendly and happily gave personal feedback to the participants after the competition.

The National Public Speaking Competition is a great chance to build self-confidence, discover the art of persuasion, get inspired and overcome your own barriers. About 90% of the world’s population  are afraid of delivering speeches in front of large audiences, so nerves on the stage are completely normal. It’s hard to avoid them no matter how much you have prepared, but the most amazing thing about taking part in the NPSC is learning how to express your thoughts in spite of your fears.

I want to thank sincerely all the English-Speaking Union members for organizing this life-changing contest, the winners of the previous years for being a fantastic Question team, the judges for making their time to come and evaluate us and, of course, the participants for sharing their opinions - I have enhanced my knowledge in many fields while listening to their speeches.

This competition proves that public speaking gives a glance into the borderless future created by us - young people that believe in their dreams. I highly recommend everyone to try next year and here is advice from me: be exactly who you are, have courage to speak up for your values, believe in yourself and break your borders!


Anastasiia Rohova, the winner of NPSC 2017-2018,a first-year student, Faculty of International Economics and Management, KNEU