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Representing Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) in London has been such an incredible adventure: the most unforgettable week of improving public speaking skills, exploring the capital of the United Kingdom, exchanging worldviews and most importantly, building friendships that, I feel, will last a lifetime.
     The IPSC programme ran from 14th to 19th of May 2018 and every moment of it deserves to be remembered forever. It was a terrific week full of happiness, uplifting spirit, and open-mindedness delivered by participants from over 50 countries. Despite it seemingly being a competition, I believe we have surpassed its boundaries by constructing a multicultural community which promotes the use of English as a language to communicate ideas and address issues of mass importance.

    Firstly, at the beginning of the week we had an amazing opportunity to learn effective speech techniques from the best oracy coaches.The workshops for prepared and impromptu speech were really interactive, engaging and have boosted our confidence a lot. What is more, we had a chance to attend a workshop by Mary McNutty at the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Mary McNutty is an Associate Lecturer at Kent University, teaching Shakespeare and courses in Dramaturgy.

   Secondly, I loved listening to the impressive speeches of the participants. Fifty one young people came together to speak, and every single person had their own vision of the 2018 topic  – ‘Great artists have no country’. Listening to them, I got goosebumps and chills, teared up, smiled and felt empathy. Everyone showed so much talent and passion about their beliefs. Personally I spoke about the universal language of art in the prepared heat and about the adversity as the best education in the impromptu heat.

    Thirdly, it became very clear that the competitive part of this event was merely a facade for something much greater. I met an unimaginable amount of people who made it possible to experience something profound, ultimately crossing all the borders and broadening horizons. Now I am extremely lucky to have a dear friend in pretty much every spot of the world. I will never forget the moments we shared together: seeing the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, London Eye; discussing the most amusing facts about our countries and sharing personal stories.

     I thank the English-Speaking Union from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic opportunity to participate in the International Public Speaking Competition. It has been the biggest inspiration I could ever imagine.


Anastasiia Rohova

Representative of Ukraine at the IPSC 2018

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W. Shakespeare can be modern and stylish

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“Our doubts are traitors, 
and make us lose the good we oft might win, 
by fearing to attempt.”

William Shakespeare

On 26th of April 2018 National Shakespeare Competition supported by deputy Oleksandr Horbunov was held in Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University. The competition started with a minute of silence in memory of Margarita Danilko, Chairman of the ESU Ukraine, President of the International Council, who suddenly passed away.

Traditionally the participants amazed the audience with impressive performances, love to great words of Shakespeare and intense desireto get victory. 27 semi-finalists recited euphonious lines from William Shakespeare`s sonnets and the jury chose 9 reciters for the great final.

The final of the competition was emotional and interesting. Every participant tried his best to succeed. The jury announced the winners of National Shakespeare Competition 2018 and all the competitors were awarded with certificatesof participation and presents. The 3rd place was given simultaneously to 2 participants: Vadym Bilodid (Haivoron Polytechnic College, third-year student) and Anna Ohlobiak (Gymnasium of New Teaching Technologies, Kropyvnytskyi, 10th Form). The runner-up was Daria Puchnina (Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University, first-year student). As the winner of the competition Olena Dzhus was chosen (Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University, 2nd Year student).

         For Olena Dzhus this victory is not a happy occasion, it is a result of many years training and self-development, because it is her third attempt to win the mountain top, which name is National Shakespeare Competition. The winner considers this competition as a perfect possibility to overcome fear, express your emotions, show your own vision of classical sonnet and just get pleasure of socializing with talented youth.

Every year National Shakespeare Competition attracts talented reciters who demonstrate that the sonnets of great English classic can be modern, stylish and interesting.

                                                                                     Viktoriia Budun

                             Fourth-year student,


Faculty of Foreign Languages, CUSPU