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11-04-2019, 08:40

Semi-finalists of NSC 2019

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The ESU Ukraine is delighted to announce the semi-finalists of the

National Shakespeare Competition 2019!

The semi-finalists are listed in random order:

1.Zelinska Valeria

2.Puchnina Daria 

3.Taranukha Roman 

4.Yakovleva Vladyslava

5.Kompaniiets Liza 

6.Lischuk Borys 

7.Doroshenko Vyacheslav 

8.Burko Nastya 

9.Klymenko Oleksiy 


11.Popova Victoria 

12.Kalnytska Yana 

13.Poltavets Katerina 

14.Yaikun Oleksandra

15.Yevtushenko Tetiana

16.Shamchenko Karina 

17.Marchenko Yuliia 

18.Golynsla Olha 

19.Voronichenko Anastasiia

20.Chumak Eugeniia

21.Kulieva Kamilla


The semi-finalists are invited to take part in the Final Stage of the competition which starts at 10.00a.m. on 25th April, 2019 in the KSPU library building: (Kropyvnytskyi, 1 Shevchenko Street, a new building, 2 Floor). Registration is at 10.00 a.m.

At the Semi-Final participants are to recite a sonnet different from the one presented at Round 1. 

At the Final participants are to recite the same sonnet they presented at Round 1.


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27-02-2019, 20:29

2019 ESU Ukraine Shakespeare Competition

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We invite pupils and students to join us for

the 2019 ESU Ukraine Shakespeare Competition!

The 2019 English-Speaking Union Ukraine Shakespeare Competition will take place on 1-25 April 2019 at  Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University.

The Competition is open for 10-11 form school pupils and 1-6 year of studying university students.


Round 1:


1.      Make a video presentation of one sonnetand save it on Youtube. Take the sonnet only on the site.

2.      Download an application formfrom the ESU web-site ( “Our Projects”, Shakespeare Competition). Fill in the form, indicating the reference to the video presentation on Youtube.

3.      Send the application form with a link on the presentation in Youtube by email to Write your surname as the name of the document.


The Deadline for application forms and video presentations is 1 April, 2019.

The results of Round 1 will be announced on 10, April 2019 on the ESU site and semi-finalists will be invited to take part in the final of the competition.


Round 2:


1.      Semi-finalists learn and recite a different sonnet by W. Shakespeare in the final stage of the competition. It will be held on 25April 2019.




  • Each participant must select, memorize and perform one sonnet from Shakespeare's 154 sonnet cycle for Round 1, and a different one for Round 2;
  • The sonnet must be complete (no cutting of lines in the sonnet is allowed);
  • The presentation should be shot indoors, in one place, at one time in sequence;
  • Full-length shot, formal style;
  • Students can not wear costumes or use props of any kind (including chairs, jewelry, items of clothing, etc.);
  • Music accompaniment is not allowed.

Presentations, which do not meet the above mentioned requirements, will not be taken into consideration.

Through the Shakespeare Competition students develop communication skills and an appreciation of the power of the English language and literature.

In the English-Speaking Union Ukraine Shakespeare Competition students:

  • Get engaged in an interactive, performance-based study of the English literature.
  • Participate in the close reading of Shakespeare's text through intellectual, physical and vocal engagement.
  • Develop critical thinking and close reading skills.
  • Increase their self-confidence with public-speaking.
  • Discover and explore the beauty of the complexity of Shakespeare's poetic language and classic themes.
  • Bring the timeless works of Shakespeare to life and learn to express his words with understanding, feeling and clarity.

To learn more about the Competition and the English-Speaking Union Ukraine, visit  Contact us by email/by mobile phone:

066 3317911 Nadiya Ivanenko

0672546400 Larysa Yarova  

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Jury of the NPSC 2019 Feedback

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This event is a fantastic opportunity for students to challenge themselves on multiple levels. Firstly, public speaking is a skill that will serve you well in your career as both a student and a professional. Yet perhaps more importantly, the self-confidence you gain by participating in this kind of competition will give you a boost on a personal level. If the idea of standing up in front of a group (and speaking in a foreign language, no less!) seems scary to you, but you survive the experience (and I promise you will!), the next challenge you face will not feel so insurmountable. Lastly, this will be a chance to work intensively on your English fluency, pronunciation, intonation, and ability to think on your feet. Watch videos of other speakers, make audio or video recordings of yourself, and get feedback from friends and family. No matter how well you do in the competition, participating will make you a stronger communicator and user of English. I was so impressed by the composure, intellect, and enthusiasm of the students this year, and look forward to seeing the great things all participants in this program do in the future


Kristine Nugent,

Jury member of the NPSC 2019

Fulbright Fellow working in the area

of education reform in Ukraine


Ukraine's bright future




It was my honor and pleasure to serve on the English Speaking Union of Ukraine's judging panel. The event was more than I could have imagined. Each speaker delivered their speeches with passion and their preparation showed. It was incredibly hard to choose a winner and each participant should be incredibly proud of the word and dedication they showed. The competition was not only about the speeches but also bringing the talented youth of Ukraine together and sharing their experiences and learning about themselves. I saw young people who put themselves in an uncomfortable situation, they adapted, and they were wonderful. I have no doubt in my mind that these young Ukrainians have bright futures ahead for themselves and speak volumes to the work of educators across the country for developing such upstanding speakers. Again, I thank the ESU for the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring and productive event, and I look forward to hearing of the successes in the future!





Mackenzie Chang 

Jury Member of the NPSC 2019 

TEFL Volunteer, Ispas, Chernivetska oblast, Ukraine 



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11-02-2019, 21:42

The Question Team of the NPSC 2019 feedback

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‘Traditions are nice. Being part of the tradition is even nicer. 2019 marks the fifth National Public Speaking Competition that I took part in. Once I was a speaker, and rest of the times I had the pleasure to be part of the competition as a member of the Question team, together with other National Champions. Each year in February, I get a chance to marvel at the young and enthusiastic young people who put on a display of courage, determination and strength of character before their audience.

Everyone knows that public speaking is not a walk in the park. You don't decide to do it because you are looking for comfort and calm. You do it because you want to achieve something, and are ready to invest your time and great amount of effort, and trade your comfort for anxiety and yes, fear of getting on the stage. In the words of a very famous president, you chose to do something not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Seeing people who accept this challenge is what brings me to the competition each year. I hope that more and more bright and ambitious young Ukrainians will clench their fists, and take to the stage to give it a go. And I will be able to meet them all in the following years.’ 


Vladyslav Danyleiko

Question team member 2019,

NPSC winner 2015

The Question Team of the NPSC 2019 feedback



‘Being on the Question team of the National Public Speaking Competition 2019 along with the winners of the previous years was a great pleasure. It was inspiring to see the semi-finalists speak with passion and confidence. They all come from different cities and universities, yet they were all brought together to the NPSC by their interest in oracy and English language. The English public speaking skills they have demonstrated will definitely allow them to form connections, influence decisions and motivate change on the global level. I am very grateful to the English-Speaking Union Ukraine for an opportunity to be a part of this event and the NPSC alumni community.’


Anastasiia Rohova,

Question team member 2019,

NPSC winner 2018


‘As the National Public Speaking Competition takes place every year, at this time we realize the depth of experience of being a public speaker. Being a winner of NPSC 2017, I can truly say that on a personal level public speaking develops confidence, networking, and presenting skills, yet the story takes us further. What brings this competition to the next level is what is spoken about within the community of public speakers. This year we heard abundance of beautiful speeches that evolved around the concept of nature. The general topic was "Nature is the common language", yet participants were interpreting it in so many different beautiful ways! They were raising awareness about mental health, finding a "why" in life, and environmental issues as separating garbage, which are indeed as relevant for Ukraine as for the entire world today.

I feel very grateful to be a part of history of IPSC and learnings that it brought into my life. It teaches that hard work, creativity, and open-mindedness bring the world together and make it a better place for all of us!’


Kateryna Ilchenko

Question team member 2019,

NPSC winner 2017



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Feedback of the Participant of the NPSC 2019

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Don’t miss the opportunity to develop yourself!

   I had a great opportunity to take part in the National Public Speaking Competition 2019, which was held on February, 2 at America House, Kyiv. This year there were 14 participants – university and school students from different regions of Ukraine, who competed to represent our country in London in May. In Round 1 we made videos and streamed them on YouTube, where we spoke on the theme ‘Lie has speed, but truth has endurance’.

   The theme of the Semi-Final was ‘Nature is a common language’. I began preparing for the competition a few weeks in advance. My colleagues and me visited trainings by previous years’ participants – Helen Dzhus and Karyna Kovalchuk, where we got advice how to write our prepared speeches properly and get the audience`s attention. I decided to present not only the nature in general, but also express my ideas about human nature. I found the facts and the results of one experiment that confirm people to be double-faced and pretentious.

   When we were at America House, we made an acquaintance with the Question team, the members of the jury and other participants. Each of us presented the theme in the way we saw it, answered all the questions. To my mind it was a marvelous chance to get experience, analyze the participants` ideas, make acquaintance with new people not only from Ukraine, but from all over the world, enrich you vocabulary and share experiences.

For the Final the jury chose 5 best students, where they delivered impromptu speeches. They had only 10 minutes for making some notes and getting their thoughts together after they got the title of the speech. On the screen the audience could see how the rivals were preparing for their speeches in another room. After listening to all the finalists, there was a short break, during which the jury chose the winner, the best speaker according to the audience choice and the runner-up.

   Both the winner and the best speaker to the audience choice of the NPSC is Yelyzaveta Kompaniiets, a pupil of the 11 form from Pedagogical Lyceum, Kropyvnytskyi. And the runner-up is Oleksiy Chaikovskyi, a student from Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.

All the participants received a Certificate of Honour for their outstanding performances and the winners of the NPSC were given some prizes from America House and Dr. Nadiya Ivanenko, the Chairman of the ESU Ukraine, and Dr Larysa Yarova, Steering Committee member.

   After the competition we took photographs and selfies with other participants, the members of the jury and the Question team to catch that great time we spent at America House.

   As for me, I participated in the NPSC for the first time. And my only mistake is that I didn`t do it in previous years. I had an opportunity, but I missed it.

Dear students and pupils, I want to give you advice. Don`t hesitate and take part in the NPSC. It is really a good chance to develop yourself, overcome the fear to speak in public and get to know new people.

   I am grateful to America House for hosting and providing such a great atmosphere during the competition; the ESU Ukraine – for giving a chance to students and pupils to speak in public and make progress in learning English; the jury and the Question team – for being attentive listeners and asking precise questions, the audience for being the most powerful support for the participants and of course, the participants not for fearing to take part and express the ideas on prepared and impromptu speeches.


Nadiia Veselovska

Participant of the NPSC 2019

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6-02-2019, 18:59

Feedback of the Semi-Finalist of the NPSC 2019

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You fail when you stop trying

  On February the second, America House in Kyiv kindly welcomed the semi-finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition organized by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine. That was an amazing possibility to make our thoughts heard, exchange ideas, meet soulmates and gain much experience.

Needless to say, that event consisted of two stages. First, 14 potential and talented semi-finalists from all over the country shared their prepared speeches on the topic ‘Nature is a common language’ and answered the provocative questions from the audience, judges and the Question team. Each speaker put all the experience and potential in the speech. To tell the truth, I was amazed by their talent, ideas that were shared to make this world better. The second stage was the final: 5 participants were chosen to present impromptu speeches. All the finalists did a great job and did their best.

 The judges finally announced Yelyzaveta Kompaniiets as the winner of NPSC 2019 and as the audience choice. And Oleksii Chaikovskyi became the runner-up of the competition.

Feedback of the Semi-Finalist of the NPSC 2019


    Now I’d like to share my motivation that drove me while being in the center of attention.

Public action isn’t an easy thing, right? Some people wish to avoid any of such actions, but not me and other competitors of the National Public Speaking Competition. 

I remember my first time standing out there in front of the full public. My palms were sweating; my thoughts were confused but my mom smiled proudly. That made me believe that was the time to share my ideas. However, it’s the second chance to compete, my excitement was strong. Now I believe everyone can do that. Are you afraid of speaking publicly? Do it. Are you not sure the audience shares your ideas? Do it. Are you afraid of being ashamed? Anyway do it and do it twice or till you win. That’s my motto.

    Every speaker showed its own world of imagination and arguments. We did it provocatively, funny and presented outstanding performances. Some believe that the winner can be the only one, but I do not agree. Everyone is the winner because we won our greatest fears. After the performance we gained much experience as well as friends. 

I was so lucky to have a chance to be in America house and enjoy this special cozy atmosphere. I want to say thanks to all who organize this amazing possibility for young generation. Everyone who was the part of this event, thank you, because you made our thoughts and ideas heard.

   If you hesitate about doing anything, don’t think at all. You must act. That’s the point of our confidence and achieving any success. Being a part of NPSC made me stronger, more confident and I feel that after such exciting event I can perform in front of the whole world.


Kamila Kulieva

Semi-Finalist of the NPSC 2019 

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6-02-2019, 18:55

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019

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An opportunity to demonstrate our talents


            My acquaintance with the National Public Speaking Competition started when my teacher Yuliia Myckolaivna Vereshchak told me about this competition and encouraged me to participate in it. To be completely honest, it was scared and so out of my comfort zone, yet, these were the reasons why I agreed to compete.

            The topic of my first speech, which was filmed at home by me, was ‘The Lie Has Speed, but Truth Has Endurance’. At first, I was completely lost because this topic was so vast, and I didn't want to be repetitive. Therefore, my first piece of advice is, when you have a text to write, you should sit down and brainstorm the ideas and only then start writing your text on the basis of your notes.

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019


            After being accepted to the Semi-final, I was super happy but at the same time, I was afraid because I'm just a high school student and public speaking is definitely not my cup of tea. The topic for the prepared speech for the Semi-final was ‘Nature is a common language’. First few weeks I didn't know what I wanted to write about at all. I wanted my speech to be educational but also understandable for everyone. After brainstorming, I wrote the text. But that wasn't a final stage. I re-wrote it several times in order for it to be perfect. Another advice I would give to anyone, who is preparing to speak to the public, is to present your speech to everyone in your house. I read my speech to my grandparents, who didn't understand a word, and I also read it to my relatives, who could speak English. The point is that you can prepare in that way to the real presentation. I also went to the training, held by Karina Kovalchuk, former National Public Speaking Competition finalist, and that training helped me immensely. I heard a lot about previous competitions and Karina gave us much advice, which frankly, helped me a lot.

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019


            So, I took the train to Kyiv and stressed out the whole Friday about the competition. Finally, Saturday came, and I was as relaxed as I could. I didn't revise my text much on Friday because I knew that I did my best and knew it perfectly. Upon coming to America House, the venue for the competition, my anxiety returned into the full force. However, the atmosphere and people in America House were so friendly that I immediately felt relaxed and talked to others. I immediately became friends with other participants and we encouraged each other. I wished to be the first one to present my speech for then I would not be anxious the entire presentation. Unfortunately, I was at the end. Since I saw how other competitors came on stage and presented their speeches well, I felt terribly nervous. When my name was called out, I went to the stage and blacked out. I honestly don't remember any moment of my prepared speech. I was that much nervous. Yet, even in that situation, I tried to do my best to connect with the audience. I mentally divided the room into four parts, and I chose one person in each section to focus on. My presentation went horrible, I thought.

            On the break after my speech, the woman Sophie came to me and told me she liked my speech. That was a boost for me and an example for my impromptu speech, the topic of which was "What is the best motivator to succeed?". When preparing for the impromptu speech, you only have 10 minutes, you should only write points, not complete sentences. After my impromptu speech, there was another break when I talked to a lot of people. Personally, I consider myself an introvert but considering how much I talked on Saturday and how many conversations I started with amazing and talented people there, I could say for sure that I'm an ambivert. It was so easily talking to everyone in the room, even the people you don't know. You could also easily come up to any of the judges or question team and ask them what they thought about your speech and what mistake you made and how you can improve your speaking skills. Honestly, for me, it was super interesting to hear the critique because I believe there's always room to grow.  Or you can simply talk about nothing and make jokes. I made a lot of jokes that day.

            When the winner was announced, I was in shock. I was 100% sure that the winner would be someone else, not me. It is still hard to believe that the audience and the judges chose me to represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition 2019. Yet, I don't think that Saturday was mainly about my win. I liked being in this friendly atmosphere and I felt as if I was at home, talking to a bunch of old friends. There wasn't any pressure and there wasn't any competing between other contestants. There was only support from the judges, question team, other competitors and audience. I think that it is a useful experience for me and for everyone, who has ever participated or want to do it, and I'm super thankful to English Speaking Union for giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our talents and to try ourselves in something new.

Yelyzaveta Kompaniiets,

Winner of the NPSC 2019

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4-02-2019, 18:57

National Public Speaking Competition 2019

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       The National Public Speaking Competition is annually organized by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine. This year the Semi-Final and the Final of the NPSC 2019 was held on Saturday, 2 February, 2019 at America House, Kyiv. This is the fourth time the competition is hosted by America House. We all highly appreciate the opportunity to hold it in such an amazing venue.

National Public Speaking Competition 2019


       PSC is one of the English-Speaking Union most successful and far-reaching programmes. It reaches over 50,000 young people in more than 60 countries across the globe and gives young people practical experience in the fundamental skills of public speaking and it provides them with a platform to express their views about the world and their dreams for the future.

       This year 14 semi-finalists, university and school students from all over Ukraine aged between 16 - 20, competed to represent our country in the International Public Speaking Competition in London in May 2019. These gifted young people made great efforts to proceed to the Semi-Final.

The theme for this year Semi-Final Competition is ‘Nature is a common language’. In 5 minutes the speakers interpreted the theme in any way they saw it, but they were not allowed to use it as the title of the speech. Every presentation was inspiring, emotional and persuasive and the understanding of the topic was unique and creative. Each speech was followed by the questions from the members of the Question team, audience and the judging panel.

     The speeches were assessed by honourable adjudicators, who were:

  1. James Wittingham, Program and Development Associate at IREX in Ukraine;
  2. Dr Christine Nugent, Fulbright Fellow working in the area of education reform in Ukraine;
  3. Mackenzie Chang - a native southern Californian Peace corps English teacher in Ispas, Ukraine ;
  4. Elizabeth Fawcett, an English teacher at London School of English, Kyiv;
  5. Dr Larysa Yarova, ESU Ukraine Steering Committee member, Head of Translation, Applied and General Linguistics Department at CUSPU.

   National Public Speaking Competition 2019


     The Question team consisted of the previous year winners of NPSC: Anastasiia Rohova, Vlad Danyleiko, Kateryna Ilchenko and Milaniia Yurah.

     Five best speakers proceeded to the Final where they delivered impromptu speeches. They chose their topics 10 minutes in advance of giving their speech and were allocated 2-3 minutes to deliver it. Due to the fantastic technical support of America House, everyone could see on the screen how the contestants were preparing for their impromptu speeches in another room.

     After all the impromptu presentations the judges named the winner Yelyzaveta Kompaniiets, a pupil of the 11 form from Pedagogical Lyceum, Kropyvnytskyi, who also appeared to be the best speaker according to the audience choice. The runner up was Oleksiy Chaikovskyi, a student from Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.

     All participants received a Certificate of Honour in recognition for their outstanding performances. Dr. Nadiya Ivanenko, the Chairman of the ESU Ukraine, and Dr Larysa Yarova, Steering Committee member, awarded the winners with the prizes from the ESU Ukraine. They also received some prizes from America House.

    On behalf of the ESU Ukraine community, I’d like to thank every participant for making the competition such a successful event. I’d like to thank all the finalists for their amazing and inspirational speeches and wonderful performances. It has been a fantastic day full of sharing, commitment and generating new ideas.

   I am very grateful to America House for hosting and providing such a wonderful venue for the competition. I’d like to thank all America House team and its director Christi Holland for their kind assistance.

    My special thanks go to the jury and question team who have done a great job. And finally thank you everyone, participants, guests, parents and friends, who came to that great venue and through active listening and questioning contributed much to the success of the competition.


Dr Nadiya Ivanenko,

Chairman of the ESU Ukraine

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23-01-2019, 11:17

The Upcoming Event

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The English-Speaking Union Ukraine


is delighted to invite you to attend

the National Public Speaking Competition,

held on Saturday, 2 February, 2019

from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in America House,

6 Mykoly Pymonenka Street, Kyiv.


The winner of the competition will represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition in May 2019 in London.


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14-01-2019, 16:41

Trainings for NPSC

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The English-Speaking Union Ukraine

is pleased to invite all the semi-finalists of the

National Public Speaking Competition 2019




Coach - Karyna Kovalchuk


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Room 706 at 11.10



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