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21-12-2017, 07:34

We are delighted to announce the semi-finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition 2018, who will take part in the Final Stage of the Competition on 27 January 2018 in America House, Kyiv.

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Here are the names (in no particular order):

1.Kamila Kuliyeva Jadihar kyzy

2.Maria Samovarova 

3.Nataliia Mikhailova           

4. Hlib Leheida

5. Darya Kozenets

6. Karyna Kovalchuk            

7. Liliia Paryliak        

8.Ulyana Gnatyshyn

9.Daria Kopiyevska  

10.Daria Puchnina    

11. Iryna Manzholenko         

12.Inna Sydoryshyna           

13.Sofia Rybnikova 

14.Tetiana Besarab   

15. Igor Kryvyi         

16.Olena Dzhus        

17. Veronika Zimon  

18. Sofiya Boyarska  

19. Olena Tian           

20. Kateryna Tebiakina                     

21.Anastasiia Rogova                     





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  • Date: 27-11-2017, 17:28
27-11-2017, 17:28


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On Monday, November 13th 2017, the International Youth Meeting Centrebased in Oświęcim, Poland, welcomed 12 young people from Poland, Germany and Ukraine, who had become the participants of the seminar “Learning from History”. Everyone was eager to start working on the theme “Discrimination”, but the first day was devoted mostly to the integration. Due to the cozy and playful atmosphere, everybody got rid of shackles of shyness and was ready to refresh historical knowledge about the horrors of 1930-40s which was necessary for visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum planned for the next 2 days.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we experienced 4-hour excursions around Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau respectively. Though we were aware of all inhumanity and obduracy that plagued in that place, entering the museum we realized that we were not ready to see everything firsthand. Walking from the exposition to the exposition, our eyes were full of tears from the horrors that people were forced to pass through. We rejected to imagine how people could do such things to human beings. The photos of living skeletons, Jewish children's shoes, cut hair, broken glasses left untouched no one.  Recovering from the emotional commotion, the participants spent hours in fruitful discussion of what we had seen.

Thursday and Friday were spent working on the topic of discrimination in the modern world. Listening to the stories of people who appeared to be the victims of racial, gender, religious and sexual discrimination we tried to figure out the ways how to free people’s minds from all the prejudices and stereotypes and how to build the society of open-minded humans. One of the surprises was the chance to work with amazing Ewa Natkaniec, a creative designer, who taught us the basics of creating the posters and helped us to make our own anti-discrimination projects and transfer them from the computer screen to paper.

The presentation of our posters became the exclamation point of the seminar. Everyone chose different topics and had unique ideas, so the presentation became a great opportunity to express our thoughts about manifold types of discrimination and explain what problems we wanted to raise with our works. We were amazed how creative every idea was! But what is more: we worked on the projects until the midnight generously offering the helping hand to each other. We were a real team of friends who enjoyed spending time together!

For every participant the seminar appeared to be not only a serious educational event. Coming to a less formal part of it that started after all the work was done, the fun began. Our faces hurt from laughter, our brains were baffled with stories about Polish, German and Ukrainian traditions, our stereotypes were totally broken and the number of friends was significantly increased! We want to express the sincerest gratitude to the coordinators of the project Natalia Tkachenko, Margaryta Danilko and Anna Hartfiel.Due to their efforts the organization of the seminar was at the highest level and everyone enjoyed this time spent together! We could not even imagine that this journey would turn into such an enriching experience in many aspects: historical, social, cultural and educational.

During the last day of the seminar Natalia Tkachenko put in front of us 3 envelopes with symbolic pictures of a suitcase, a washing machine and a litter bin, asking us what we want to take with us from the seminar, what topics we still have to work on and what we want to leave in Oświęcim. It was an ineffable joy to hear that everyone would definitely take home new pleasant memories, friends, inspiration and hope, hope that it is possible to live in the society free of discrimination.

Y. Hrebeniuk, V.Budun, D.Ivashchenko, A.Borshchenko, D.Solodiei,


students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, CSPU





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9-10-2017, 16:31

The English-Speaking Union International Council Meeting 2017.

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This year the English-Speaking Union International Council Meeting was held from September, 27 till October, 1 in Lisbon, Portugal. Delegates and guests all over the globe gathered to exchange views on important issues of the ESU work and its sustainable development. Margaryta Danilko and Nadiya Ivanenko, associate professors of the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Central Ukraine Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University, represented Ukraine at the ESU Forum. The delegates listened to the report from the Director General Jane Easton and then focused on educational agenda. Having overviewed the presentations from Carol Losos (ESU US) and Duncan Partridge (ESU UK), they explored the place of English and Oracy in member countries at  group sessions.

The ICM Chairman, Dr Paul Beresford-Hill, gave a presentation on the United Nations and the English-Speaking Union. In his speech he highlighted the ESU educational agenda and the framework of the UN Global Goals. Lucia Dumont from the ESU France completed her two years as President of the International Council this autumn, and her hard work and achievements have been highly appreciated by the ESUs worldwide. Margaryta Danilko, Chairman of the ESU Ukraine, was elected as a new President of the International Council for the next two years. The election of a Ukrainian as the IC President is not only a recognition of the ESU Ukraine work but also a great tribute to Ukraine and its people.

Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to the Portuguese RepublicMrs Kirsty Isobel Hayes hosted a reception for the ESU ICM delegates and guests at her residence in Lisbon.The ESU members also enjoyed a guided tour of the Portuguese Parliament Building with an ESU member who is an MP, they visited the archaeological sites within the ruins of St George’s Castle and the Cathedral of Lisbon.



The next English-Speaking Union International Council Meeting will be held in London in May 2018. There will be an international gathering – the ICM and the International Public Speaking Competition- devoted to the Centenary of the English-Speaking Union in 2018.


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26-09-2017, 20:12

If you can dream it, you can do it

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On the 18th September 2017 the third year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Karyna Kovalchuk told about her experience of the program Work&Travel.

She has visited the United States during the summer vacation with the aim to work and improve her English skills. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is one of the most popular attractions for the tourists.  The small hotel “Jonathan Harbour” has become her working place and accommodation for the following three months.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to do hard job of a housekeeper every day, but the picturesque atmosphere of the nearby ocean and friendly stuff helped Karyna to deal with all the hardships of living far away from homeland and family. 

It was very interesting to listen to the stories about visiting the baseball game for which America is so well-known, about the small tradition of going to the cinema every Tuesday and tasting different types of ice-cream, visiting a tribute concert dedicated to Michael Jackson and many other fascinating staff.

We have heard about America which is so far away from us, the country we’ve read about a lot. Surely, friendship and unforgettable memories are the essential part of this experience. Hospitable atmosphere, amazing and world-known architecture, legendary sights and places - all these things help to settle in a foreign country and enjoy time there.

Work&Travel is a great opportunity for the students to explore other countries, improve their language skills and spend summer profitably.And Karyna’s impressions have proved us that everything is possible: you just have to take some pains to make it true.

Natalia Mykhailova

3 year student









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19-09-2017, 19:45


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The Conveners of the English-Speaking Union Ukraine and America House in Ukraine have great pleasure in announcing the beginning of the National Public Speaking Competition 2017-2018.

The competition will run from 1 October, 2017 until 27 January, 2018.

The competition is open to students aged between 16 and 20 in full-time education at the time of the competition. Competitors must be passport holders of Ukraine and must have a valid foreign passport or travel document. 

The winner of the National Public Speaking Competition will represent Ukraine in the International Public Speaking Competition that will be held in May 2018 in London.


To apply for the competition a student should:

1) send a filled in application form (in English and Ukrainian) by email to the address:

Please, take the application form on the site

(Heading “Our Projects”, National Public Speaking Competition)

2) make a video presentation (in Englishon the topic  “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” ,save it on Youtube, and in the application form indicate the reference to it, send the application form by email to:


Requirements for the video presentation:

  • Full length shot, formal style
  • Presentation should be shot indoors, in one place, at one time in sequence
  • Presentation should last for 3 minutes
  • It is not allowed to use animation, pictures, accompanying music, any arranging and editing
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech


The presentations, which do not meet the above mentioned requirements will not be taken into consideration.

The Deadline for application forms and video presentations is 30 November, 2017.

The results will be announced on 20, December 2017 on the site the semi-finalists will be invited to take part in the Final stage of the Competition, that will be held on 27 January, 2018 at America House, Kyiv.


Final Stage

1.Presentation of the prepared speech

The theme is Art has no borders”.


Requirements for the prepared speech:

  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • In choosing their title, speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 5 minutes. Judges may penalize speakers who overrun. Marks will be deducted for speeches which vary more than 45 seconds either side of 5 minutes.
  • Each speech will be followed by the questions from members of the audience and the judging panel.


2. Presentation of impromptu speech


Requirements for the impromptu speech:

  • Participants will receive their topics 10 minutes in advance of giving their speech.
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • Speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 3 minutes.


Please, feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Contact details of the ESU Ukraine:


+380509179515, +380672546400, +380663317911

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5-09-2017, 19:20

Essay Writing Competition 2017 Winners

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We are thankful to all the students who participated in the Essay Writing Competition 2017 and

are pleased to announce this year  winners:


I place                  Yana Hrebeniuk              Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University

II place                 Vsevolod Igonin              Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University

III place               Kateryna Duzhenkova  Svitlovodsk Secondary School 7

The winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony by phone/email.



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  • Date: 12-06-2017, 23:01
12-06-2017, 23:01

Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University welcomes foreign students!

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An informal meeting with foreign students from Donetsk Medical University was held on the 26th of May, 2017. Our Faculty of Foreign Languages had an opportunity to get acquainted with Rahim (Dubai, the UAE), Mahmud (Paris, France) and Menatella (Cairo, Egypt) who had come to Kropyvnytskyi in order to study at the Dentist Faculty, that made them at first groupmates and then friends.

The young people talked about themselves, their past and their plans about future. As for Mahmud, who is an active and talkative person, he is an Algebra and Analysis teacher. His explanation to become a dentist was cleared up because he cannot imagine his life without studying and he wants to be the boss of his own. Also, Mahmud is a polyglot, who knows all the Arabic languages, French, Russian, and Spanish. Despite Mahmud intends to stay in Kropyvnytskyi for all his life, Menatella – the only girl from their group – wants to come back home to work as a dentist. Rahim gladly told us about his family and traditions, for example, the wedding ones, that exist in his country.

Our guests shared their experience of living in Kropyvnytskyi. Despite they had visited a lot of Ukrainian cities, they preferred to stay in our Small Paris because of its beauty, convenience and, of course, peace. But under these themes, the difficult issues about the education for foreigners in our city were discussed. We talked about problems with the dwelling and how the Ukrainians trust aliens, which is the disputed question. Also we talked over about the teaching in Donetsk Medical University. The students complained the teachers did not know English and showed everything with slides and gestures. All these issues complicate the studying of foreigners and authorities have not solved these points yet.

But we hope all foreigners will feel in Kropyvnytskyi as at their home, enjoying studying, student life and gathering memories about Ukraine that they could share with their families and friends with a smile on their faces!


Dariia Ivashchenko,

a third-year student, Faculty of Foreign Languages,


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12-06-2017, 22:53

Guest speaker from the ESU USA

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“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist” 

Jack London



              In Ukraine people think that after getting the age of 60 your life becomes dull, you are limited of opportunities and time. But in the USA people think differently: you have a lot of time to discover new countries and cultures, you enrich your experience by meeting new people, mastering new languages and discovering new landscapes.

              Donald Best, a Steering Committee Member of the ESU USA, visited the students of KSPU on 25 May, 2017 to share his life experience. He is a real evidence that life can be interesting and colourful at any period of your life. Mr. Best has an impressive number of visited countries: 40! That is why he is able to compare life conditions of many countries and all the measures are based on his own experience.

              The students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages asked him a lot of interesting questions, the conversation was active and productive. Donald Best said that if he had an opportunity to choose his nationality he would prefer to be an Englishman. He explained his choice because of the safety and beauty of Great Britain. Donald is also fond of art: he cannot imagine his life without theatres, museums, art galleries.

              He gave some advice to the young generation:

              First of all, print photos, it will be much easier to use and recall some remembrances when you are in your “great age”;

              The second recommendation is making notes: try to write down what you are feeling at the very moment.

              40 countries is not a limited number for Donald Best, he has a dream to visit Egypt, China and other countries, which attract his attention by their wonders and peculiarities.

              All the students had a great opportunity to communicate with with the person who can speak up at various topics, explaining everything you are eager to know.


Viktoriia Budun


A third-year student, Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU




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12-06-2017, 22:49


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“Oncology is a long-lasting problem of the humanity. The Neanderthals were the first ones to suffer from different forms of cancer and the earliest attempts to describe this disease were made in Ancient Egypt 1600 BC”- explains Serhii Odarchenko, the PhD in Medical Science and the Chief Doctor of the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy, at the official website of the Center. As cancer continues to become the concern point of a growing number of Ukrainians,Serhii Odarchenko gladly agreed to conduct the meeting withthe students of KSPU that took place on 24May, 2017 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, to tell more about the Center working procedure and share the recommendations that can help never to experience the misfortune of being a cancer patient.

The Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy, that was founded in 2015,is a unique medical institution in Ukraine where TomoTherapy, the most accurate method of treating cancer, is used. In the Center you can find all the necessary modern equipment for reliable diagnostics of oncological diseases. The greatest specialists from all over Ukraine gathered here to treat as many people as possible by diagnosing tumors of the smallest sizes, irregular shapes and locations.

According to the fact that the Center is situated in Kropyvnytskyi, not all patients have the opportunity to visit it because of different reasons, as, for example, the health conditions, the Ukrainian Center of Tomotherapy has opened the consultation rooms to provide the informational support throughout Ukraine.

Serhii Odarchenko explained that among the most frequent reasons of cancer there are particular viruses, radiation, chemicals, heredity, hormones and diet. The risk factors that are likely to increase the number of cancer cells in our body are obesity, uncontrollable consumption of alcohol and tobacco, sun exposure, infections and pollution. That is why to stay outside this risk circle, we are better to follow some recommendations that will not only protect us from cancer, but also will help to join the squad of “healthy life-stylers”.

  1. Be lean. Obesity is one of the most frequently met cancer’s triggers. That is why taking control of your weight is a crucial point of this issue.
  2. Be physically active. Even the simplest morning exercises will help you always to stay energetic and healthy.
  3. Avoid sugary drinks. Sugar is known as the white death, that is why you should try all your best to reduce its consumption.
  4. Eat various vegetables and fruits. They are the greatest source of vitamins our body desperately needs.
  5. Limit consumption of red meat. It can become the reason of stomach cancer.
  6. Avoid alcohol. 2 glasses of wine for men and 1 for women will not make harm but the excess of this dosage is not useful.
  7. Avoid salty food. Salt clogs the ducts and fluid cannot leave the body. As the result, edemas develop.
  8. Try not to use supplements. The majority “advantages” of their usage are mythical.

As you can see a great number of these tips concern your eating habits, so try to analyze your diet properly and if you find that some of your food excesses do not look like it is desirable - change them! Remember: your health is in your hands.

But if you unfortunately happen to become a cancer patient, such institutions as the Ukrainian Center of Tomotherapy will not leave you to fight with this disease alone because as the motto of the Center tells: “Cancer is only a stage of life. We CAN overcome it together”.


Interesting fact:

The origin of the word cancer is credited to Hippocrates, who is considered the “Father of Medicine.” Hippocrates used the terms carcinos and carcinoma to describe tumors. In Greek, these words refer to a crab, most likely applied to the disease because the finger-like spreading projections from a cancer called to mind the shape of a crab.


Yana Hrebeniuk,

a third-year student, Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU



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21-05-2017, 18:15

IPSC 2017

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I can never get tired of saying that IPSC 2017 was a small life, every moment of which deserves to be remembered forever. A small life that gave birth to many new friendships and partnerships that found each other across the globe. Distances of thousands of kilometers now seem miserable and nothing of an obstacle.

Being under strong impression, I want to share with you most memorable events of the week which I spent with the most talented public speakers from 50 different countries as a representative of Ukraine in London.

First and foremost, trip to Shakespeare’s Globe was so interactive and engaging that we kept discussing it to the end of our public-speaking-marathon-week. We had an amazing tutor Tom Davey. He taught us crucial actors’ techniques of making a speech your own on example of Macbeth, Shakespeare’s character. This massive workshop gave each person in the group much needed boost of confidence and helped get to know each other better!

Secondly, country presentations of participants were something to remember! It feels as if I can still hear Malaysian violin motives playing in my left ear and soothing Italian timber in my right. During these few hours of exchanging most amusing facts and stories from our lands I felt like I’ve taken a ‘round-the-world tour’. Crossing borders never felt more imponderable and comprehensible at the same time.

Last but not least, hearing the SPEECHES! Yes! Forty seven people came together to speak, and every single person had their own story related to the topic of 2017 – ‘To Define Is To Limit’. Listening to them, my feelings were changing from goose bumps to fear, from compassion to overwhelming love. I definitely recommend to listen to all of them! In our speeches we open unique perspectives on issues common around the world from diverging (sometimes even contradicting) surroundings.


I thank the English-Speaking Union from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to be a part of the IPSC 2017! This competition proves that public speaking gives a glance into borderless future created by us, the up-and-coming generation!

by Kateryna Ilchenko