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  • Date: 6-02-2019, 18:55
6-02-2019, 18:55

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019

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An opportunity to demonstrate our talents


            My acquaintance with the National Public Speaking Competition started when my teacher Yuliia Myckolaivna Vereshchak told me about this competition and encouraged me to participate in it. To be completely honest, it was scared and so out of my comfort zone, yet, these were the reasons why I agreed to compete.

            The topic of my first speech, which was filmed at home by me, was ‘The Lie Has Speed, but Truth Has Endurance’. At first, I was completely lost because this topic was so vast, and I didn't want to be repetitive. Therefore, my first piece of advice is, when you have a text to write, you should sit down and brainstorm the ideas and only then start writing your text on the basis of your notes.

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019


            After being accepted to the Semi-final, I was super happy but at the same time, I was afraid because I'm just a high school student and public speaking is definitely not my cup of tea. The topic for the prepared speech for the Semi-final was ‘Nature is a common language’. First few weeks I didn't know what I wanted to write about at all. I wanted my speech to be educational but also understandable for everyone. After brainstorming, I wrote the text. But that wasn't a final stage. I re-wrote it several times in order for it to be perfect. Another advice I would give to anyone, who is preparing to speak to the public, is to present your speech to everyone in your house. I read my speech to my grandparents, who didn't understand a word, and I also read it to my relatives, who could speak English. The point is that you can prepare in that way to the real presentation. I also went to the training, held by Karina Kovalchuk, former National Public Speaking Competition finalist, and that training helped me immensely. I heard a lot about previous competitions and Karina gave us much advice, which frankly, helped me a lot.

Feedback of the Winner of the NPSC 2019


            So, I took the train to Kyiv and stressed out the whole Friday about the competition. Finally, Saturday came, and I was as relaxed as I could. I didn't revise my text much on Friday because I knew that I did my best and knew it perfectly. Upon coming to America House, the venue for the competition, my anxiety returned into the full force. However, the atmosphere and people in America House were so friendly that I immediately felt relaxed and talked to others. I immediately became friends with other participants and we encouraged each other. I wished to be the first one to present my speech for then I would not be anxious the entire presentation. Unfortunately, I was at the end. Since I saw how other competitors came on stage and presented their speeches well, I felt terribly nervous. When my name was called out, I went to the stage and blacked out. I honestly don't remember any moment of my prepared speech. I was that much nervous. Yet, even in that situation, I tried to do my best to connect with the audience. I mentally divided the room into four parts, and I chose one person in each section to focus on. My presentation went horrible, I thought.

            On the break after my speech, the woman Sophie came to me and told me she liked my speech. That was a boost for me and an example for my impromptu speech, the topic of which was "What is the best motivator to succeed?". When preparing for the impromptu speech, you only have 10 minutes, you should only write points, not complete sentences. After my impromptu speech, there was another break when I talked to a lot of people. Personally, I consider myself an introvert but considering how much I talked on Saturday and how many conversations I started with amazing and talented people there, I could say for sure that I'm an ambivert. It was so easily talking to everyone in the room, even the people you don't know. You could also easily come up to any of the judges or question team and ask them what they thought about your speech and what mistake you made and how you can improve your speaking skills. Honestly, for me, it was super interesting to hear the critique because I believe there's always room to grow.  Or you can simply talk about nothing and make jokes. I made a lot of jokes that day.

            When the winner was announced, I was in shock. I was 100% sure that the winner would be someone else, not me. It is still hard to believe that the audience and the judges chose me to represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition 2019. Yet, I don't think that Saturday was mainly about my win. I liked being in this friendly atmosphere and I felt as if I was at home, talking to a bunch of old friends. There wasn't any pressure and there wasn't any competing between other contestants. There was only support from the judges, question team, other competitors and audience. I think that it is a useful experience for me and for everyone, who has ever participated or want to do it, and I'm super thankful to English Speaking Union for giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our talents and to try ourselves in something new.

Yelyzaveta Kompaniiets,

Winner of the NPSC 2019

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