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23-09-2014, 12:36

Summer Debate School 2014

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This summer I had an opportunity to visit Summer Debate School (SDS) in a magic , nice and unforgettable  city in Odessa. SDS was in an urban village Zatoka, we lived on tourist  camp “ Gloria”, where we had our trainings.

I learned  the main rules of debating , how  to avoid  the most common mistakes, how to  give arguments , how to be sure during presentation to prove your position and not to worry  while speaking. Daily we wrote cases, learned a structure of a case, divided arguments into strong and weak and knew how  to make priorities  in giving them . Then we acquainted with the methods of  fragmentation your opponent’s cases.

I met  many new people , who became my friends during SDS. The first  three days, we were acquainted with  theoretical material, the coaches for different parts of Ukraine and Europe taught us .We  highs mastered  our debating skills.  Next days besides playing  debate we were to taught how to the foundations , start set up a Debate Club in our regions.

Our coaches Pasha Bogachenko  and  Kurilo  Kozhymiakin presented Uktaine  on the debate tournament in  Zaghreb and won the third  place between CIS teams. I want to thank Ann Khris , Pasha Bogachenko, Alex Sert, Vova Dolnik, Zhenia Ivanov , Vlad Firsov , Vasil’ Komisarov , Misha Evdokimov , Inga Gadiatska, Lilia Poznahivska , Nastia Kartunova for  giving us such important knowledge and experience .

I think in our University there are enthusiastic interested about debating .


Remember debating is cool!




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1-09-2014, 11:37

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2014 ESU Essay Competition.

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Young writers were encouraged to explore the theme How should Ukraine develop its international relations over the next 10 years and what kind of Ukraine do you want to see in 10 years? ” in a  creative way.


Congratulationsto all the participants for making this year competition a success!


We received over 40 entries from all over Ukraine! Most of them represented the students’ opinions on the topic and their personal experiences. However, not many participants have done deep research and a few essays were inspiring, full of fresh ideas, persuading and logically built. The judging committee decided not to award the first prize, as there was not a stellar essay.



The second place won Liubov Leonovets , Kirovograd State Pedagogical University




The third place–    Dariia Shevchuk ,Kirovograd State Pedagogical University

Veronika Fartukh, Kirovograd secondary school №1”Perlynka“


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19-06-2014, 11:11


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                        DAPDI 2014


Information about DAPDI 2014

The date for DAPDI this year is from the 21st until the 25th of July. Therefore it is one of the last opportunities to train for the European University Debating Championships.

As always, DAPDI will be held in Rotterdam, well known for its modern architecture and for having the largest port in Europe. In fact, Rotterdam is featured by Rough Guides as one of the
Top 10 cities for 2014 and hit the 10th place in the New York Times list of '52 Places to Go in 2014'.


Rotterdam is well connected to the Dutch railway network (including direct connections to Schiphol airport near Amsterdam) and can be accessed by plane at Rotterdam The Hague airport.


This year's program naturally includes 3 days of debate workshops and a 2 day tournament. The evening program will feature great food in restaurants, a barbecue dinner, a pub crawl, a karaoke night, a costume party and generally a whole lot of drinking, dancing, and partying. The exact program will be anounced later.

We are still busy trying to get the best possible accommodation for you. However, you can be sure that if you register in time, crash will be available for you if you need it.

This year's trainers are:
- Kate Brooks,
- Daniel Bregman,
- Greg Farquhar,
- Jamie Jackson,
- and Fergus Peace.

How much does it cost?
The participation fee for DAPDI 2014 is 110 euros (130 if you register after July 1st).
Erasmus university students get a 30 euro discount.


Find all the information on the site:

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28-05-2014, 19:03

The week the world came together

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Vladyslav Danyleiko, IPSC 2014 participant, Ukraine


        Bearing the flag of your country was one of the highest honours through time immemorial, for men both on and off the battlefield. In Western world, up until 18th century,the soldiers assigned to this duty were given the rank ensign.


In year 2014, throughout the week of 12-16 May, I was honoured to bear the blue and yellow insignia (Latin for flag) of my country at the International Public Speaking Competition in London, the United Kingdom. Of course, while I did not actually carry the flag around, I had the distinct honour to be the official representative of my country. 


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26-05-2014, 17:34

Міжнародний конкурс з ораторського мистецтва 2014

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Щойно з Англії повернулися засновники Спілки англійської мови України Маргарита Данілко та Надія Іваненко. В Лондоні відбулися перемовини з ключовими особами Міжнародної спілки англійської мови щодо офіційної ратифікації САМ  України. За це  в Італії вже у вересні цього року голосуватимуть голови спілок з майже 80 країн світу. 

На Міжнародному конкурсі з ораторського мистецтва 12-17 травня 2014 року Україну представляв переможець національного конкурсу Владислав Данилейко, студент факультету правничих наук Національного університету Києво-Могилянська академіяЦього року брали участь представники з 50 країн світу і всі вони цікавилися перебігом подій в Україні. На вихідні Владислава запросила до себе в гості родина Уайнрайтів з Оксфордської гілки Спілки англійської мови, показала видатні місця міста та коледжі Оксфордського університету.

Для керівників спілок з усіх країн світу провели семінари та тренінги з врученням сертифікатів. Окремо відбулося  засідання представників Спілки України з генеральним директором, президентом та представниками ради міжнародної спілки для обговорення поточних робочих питань та прийняття ключового рішення щодо офіційної ратифікації Спілки України  у вересні 2014 року в Генуї, Італія.



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8-05-2014, 17:51

Meeting with Mr Tabalov

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Can you recollect the talk that made you think differently? When a stranger became the person to share his personal experience and influenced your world view?  The 5-th of  May 2014 was exactly that day.

The deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrii Tabalov, a guest speaker invited by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine, told the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages about his student’s life in Britain and inspired the young people to work hard, to set big and ambitious goals and to be very persistent in reaching them in order to succeed in life. He talked about his studying and college life in Brighton, differences in educational systems between British and Ukrainian Universities, the role parents play in the students’ life, the way you become a different person when having an experience of living in a foreign country, that strengthens your will power and makes you more independent. Mr Tabalov’s speech was full of humour and the audience often burst into laughter during his presentation.  He kept the audience interested till the end of his speech.

After Andrii Tabalov’s presentation was over, the students had a chance to ask questions. They ranged from general to very personal, but Mr Tabalov answered all of them sincerely and shared such details that you could feel as if you personally had experienced that. He was extremely open and friendly, it seemed that you had known this person for a long time.

Thanks to Andrii Tabalov’ memorable presentation, the students discovered how important it is to be highly motivated and ambitious to make your life dreams come true. The more challenging way you choose the stronger you become.What is more, reaching for ambitious goals gives you more satisfaction and happiness.

The students greatly enjoyed the ideas Mr Tabalov shared and highly appreciated this meeting.



Kate Kanivets, 4-th

year student of Foreign languages Department, KSPU








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2-04-2014, 20:41

The World of Gemstones

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 Enigmatic Gem Stones


Who created all the most beautiful and most valuable on the planet? Any work of human hands can beat the work of nature! And the inanimate nature appears to us in a stone face.

      March 31, 2014 was marked by an unusual event at the ESU Ukraine. We had a meeting with Iryna Manuilova, an extraordinary and friendly person, who told us about the power of gem stones, which arises from their connection with the Earth. This gives them their healing power.  That’s why gem stones are considered to be the best mascots. For example, flint can be worn for protection from harmful influences and diseases. Amethyst, topaz, cornelian brings good luck, beauty and wealth. Aquamarine, emerald, and ruby provide health; cat eye and chalcedony – mutual love. Agate and jasper should be worn from sorrow and yearning. Finally, a rhinestone will help to get rid of nightmares. But remember the main thing when you choose the stone: it should belong only to one person! And only then the gem stone will give the owner its power.

     We are very thankful to the ESU Ukraine for such an interesting guest speaker, and we are looking forward to our next meetings!


Elina Valutska,


2-nd year student, Foreign Languages Department, KSPU



The World of Gemstones


Have you ever thought about stones giving you warmth? Or making you more beautiful? Or making your character more balanced? Frankly speaking, I had never thought about all that until I listened to Iryna Manuilova’s presentation on semi-precious stones at the Foreign Languages Department on 31, Monday, 2014 .

   She told us different stories about various gemstones: amber, cornelian, nephrite, pearls, moonstone and etc., shared her knowledge about their meanings and symbolism. Stones have been used as talismans and amulets since ancient times. We came to know the history of some gemstones and the legends connected with them. Iryna told us about her trip to China and her visiting a special farm where pearls were grown. She gave us a few tips on which gemstones are preferable for men or for women; which adornment you may choose if you want to look fresh; how gemstones influence your outlook.  She also showed us a lot of necklaces and bracelets, gave them to us to feel their energy  and to make us feel connection with some of them.

The presentation encouraged us to learn and appreciate the gems that we see every day.

Dariia Shevchuk,


2-nd year student, Foreign Languages Department, KSPU

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24-03-2014, 16:47


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On 22-23rd of March 2014 the students of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University had a possibility to take part in Debate School organized and held by the ESU Ukraine and Ukrainian Debate Federation at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Although Debate School worked at the weekend, lots of enthusiasts were eager to find out something new about debate’s structure, speakers’ roles and functions, judging criteria, and simply to master their debating skills. There were trainings on Saturday and on Sunday, the 23rd of March, all the participants took part in the debate tournament. It consisted of 3 rounds and was judged by the representatives of Ukrainian Debate Federation – Pavlo Bohachenko, Artem Lev, Anna Kris and Anastasia Koshparmak. Despite the fact that all the participants were actually newcomers, there was a real battle, and everyone wanted to get into the Final round. But only 2 teams appeared to debate for getting the title of the best team of the tournament. The winners are the sophomores of Translation Department – Daria Bezzadina and Anastasia Stepanova, who will take part in Ukrainian Debate Championship.


We are very grateful to our coaches for this unforgettable experience and for their time and efforts. We are looking forward to our next meetings!


                                                           Volodymyr Shelar, a student of Foreign Languages Department



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24-03-2014, 16:41

Shakespeare Competition 2014

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Shakespeare Competition

            Shakespeare Competition is a wonderful event! For the first time in my life I took part in such a Competition.  I have not expected that it will gather so many school and university students from all over Kirovograd region. More than 60 participants took part in the competition and they all did an amazing job. It was so thrilling for me and I am sure for everyone to listen to Shakespeare’s sonnets in their various interpretations. I was also very much impressed by all visual and sound effects, music, decoration, costumes, used by the performers to communicate important ideas about life and love. I felt like I attended a performance at some English drama school. The drama school which I had never attended but always dreamed about.

I am sure performing Shakespeare empowers and transforms the performer.  I personally have discovered a lot about Shakespeare and his works, have mastered my English and drama skills and have become more self-confident.I have also understood thatShakespeare belongs to everyone and his works are topical for modern youth all over the world!

Moreover, Shakespeare Competition made my and my group mates day! We had a wonderful time together: meeting different interesting people, rooting for the friends and growing in friendship and love for each other. To those who will read this article I have only one suggestion – go ahead, become a member of the ESU and make your life more interesting and exciting.

Alina Ukradyzhenko,

Group 208


Faculty of Foreign Languages




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21-03-2014, 10:17

American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy

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“American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy”

Spring semester: April 2014

Topic: “Social Movements and Political Change in the United States”


The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv is recruiting graduate and undergraduate students with an advanced English level from Ukraine’s higher education institutions studying International Relations, History, American Studies or other related fields to attend the “American Studies Institute of the US Embassy” online lecture series.

Description of the project:  The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv will conduct an 8-part virtual lecture series on “Social Movements and Political Change in the United States.”  Professors from various U.S. universities will participate via online video conferencing or video web chat, lecturing to students.  Students will have an opportunity to ask their questions to the professors and discuss the topic with students of other regional countries.  Lectures will be held twice a week from April 1-29, 2014 at the American Library located at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and will start at 4:30pm.  Participants will receive a certificate from the Embassy upon completion of the course.  Attendance will be taken to ensure completion.

How to apply:

Interested students are required to complete the application form below and submit it to the American Library study.acl@gmail.comwith the subject line “Online Lectures” by 5pm on March 24, 2014.


 Application Form