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Shakespeare Competition 2014

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Shakespeare Competition

            Shakespeare Competition is a wonderful event! For the first time in my life I took part in such a Competition.  I have not expected that it will gather so many school and university students from all over Kirovograd region. More than 60 participants took part in the competition and they all did an amazing job. It was so thrilling for me and I am sure for everyone to listen to Shakespeare’s sonnets in their various interpretations. I was also very much impressed by all visual and sound effects, music, decoration, costumes, used by the performers to communicate important ideas about life and love. I felt like I attended a performance at some English drama school. The drama school which I had never attended but always dreamed about.

I am sure performing Shakespeare empowers and transforms the performer.  I personally have discovered a lot about Shakespeare and his works, have mastered my English and drama skills and have become more self-confident.I have also understood thatShakespeare belongs to everyone and his works are topical for modern youth all over the world!

Moreover, Shakespeare Competition made my and my group mates day! We had a wonderful time together: meeting different interesting people, rooting for the friends and growing in friendship and love for each other. To those who will read this article I have only one suggestion – go ahead, become a member of the ESU and make your life more interesting and exciting.

Alina Ukradyzhenko,

Group 208


Faculty of Foreign Languages




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21-03-2014, 10:17

American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy

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“American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy”

Spring semester: April 2014

Topic: “Social Movements and Political Change in the United States”


The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv is recruiting graduate and undergraduate students with an advanced English level from Ukraine’s higher education institutions studying International Relations, History, American Studies or other related fields to attend the “American Studies Institute of the US Embassy” online lecture series.

Description of the project:  The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv will conduct an 8-part virtual lecture series on “Social Movements and Political Change in the United States.”  Professors from various U.S. universities will participate via online video conferencing or video web chat, lecturing to students.  Students will have an opportunity to ask their questions to the professors and discuss the topic with students of other regional countries.  Lectures will be held twice a week from April 1-29, 2014 at the American Library located at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and will start at 4:30pm.  Participants will receive a certificate from the Embassy upon completion of the course.  Attendance will be taken to ensure completion.

How to apply:

Interested students are required to complete the application form below and submit it to the American Library study.acl@gmail.comwith the subject line “Online Lectures” by 5pm on March 24, 2014.


 Application Form


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                                     22-23 March 2014






Saturday, 22 March        10.00am.-3pm

Sunday, 23 March          9.30am.-4pm



Room 608, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University




Online registration:



                                      All are welcome!

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The winners of the English Speaking Union Ukraine Shakespeare Competition 2014!

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to the winners of

the English Speaking Union Ukraine

Shakespeare Competition 2014!



I place – Mariia Borodavkina

(Kirovograd School 14)


II place – Margaryta Sholud’ko

(Kirovograd School 24)


III place – Yuliia Matsionova

(Bobrinets School 5)


III place – Elina Valutska

 (Kirovograd State Pedagogical University,



We highly appreciate all the efforts made by the teachers of the participants and wish them every success in their future endeavors. 


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6-03-2014, 12:20

Shakespeare Competition 2014

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The English Speaking Union Ukraine

 Shakespeare Competition 2014



Thursday, 20 March 2014

 10. a.m.

               Assembly Hall


                  Kirovograd State Pedagogical University,

                   1 Shevchenko Street, Kirovograd, Ukraine.


All the participants are to be at the assembly hall at 9.30 a.m. for the orientation meeting.



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4-03-2014, 20:59

A Power Point Presentations Competition

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February, 28, 2014. A Power Point Presentations Competition devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Kirovohrad region foundation was held in Novoukrainska secondary school #8.  About twenty participants from Novoukrainska school #8, Furmanivska school, Hlodoska school presented different spheres of life of our small Motherland – industry, agriculture, culture, sports, mass media, educational establishments, nature. All the participants were presented with books edited by the Development of The Kirovohrad Region Charity Fund. 

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4-03-2014, 20:55

Shakespeare Competition in Novoukrainka

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Shakespeare Competition took place in Novoukrainska secondary school #8. Students from city and district secondary schools participated in the competition. They also had an opportunity to watch some films about Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-on-Avon, his life and literary activity. The participants got certificates for active participation and valuable contribution
to the First District Shakespeare Sonnet Competition in honour of William Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary.

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11-02-2014, 05:35

We are pleased to announce the winners of the NPSC 2013-2014

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The first place won Vladyslav Danyleiko, a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, who will represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition in London in May 2014.

The two runners-up are Dariia Bezzadina, a student of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University, and Andrii Skalkovych, a student of Znamyanka secondary school No3.

The audience choice speaker is Oksana Shymanovych, a student of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you again to everyone who participated in the National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014!

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5-02-2014, 16:11

National Public Speaking Competition 2014. Final

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English Speaking Union Ukraine


Friday 7 February 2014, Room 610, KSPU


National Public Speaking Competition 2014

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”




9.40-11.00 Delivering of impromptu speeches



1.     Zakablukovsky Olexander

2.     Leonovets Liubov

3.     Danyleiko Vladyslav

4.     Shymanovych Oksana

5.     Bezzadina Dariia

6.     Mysyk Yevhen

7.     Seredenko Oksana

8.     Ukradyzhenko Alina

9.     Skalkovich Andriy  



                                   11.00-11.10- Break

                     11.10-12.30 - Delivering of prepared speeches




1.     Seredenko Oksana “If your eyes could speak what would they say” 

2.     Mysyk Yevhen "Mankind is under illusion of knowledge"

3.     Ukradyzhenko Alina  “Called Out in the Dark”

4.     Skalkovich Andriy “So ingeniously stupid”

5.     Zakablukovsky Olexander "Moment of Clarity"

6.     Leonovets Liubov “C.A.T. you’ve never had”

7.     Bezzadina Dariia "What do you see in the mirror?"

8.     Danyleiko Vladyslav “The Bedrock of Civilization” 

9.     Shymanovych Oksana "Love of freedom - light of learning"

1.30 pm- Closing remarks. Announcement of the winner, runner up and audience favourite speaker.  


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Благодійний концерт

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«Добро починається з тебе» саме таку назву мав благодійний концерт, присвячений допомозі дітям-сиротам, що відбувся 11 грудня на факультеті іноземних мов.

Незважаючи на холодну зимову погоду, у залі панувала немовірно тепла атмосфера. Ведучі концерту Колесник Каріна (студентка 1-го курсу) та Марченко Ігор (студент 4-го курсу факультету іноземних мов), нагадали всім присутнім, що чужого горя не буває!

Атмосферу добра підтримали Ксенія Чеканова, Папуша Микола, Андрій Павленко, Єрьоміна Анна.

 Слід відмітити Колесник Каріну, Слізкую Валерію та хлопців із мистецького факультету, які виступили із запальним танцем, і змусили залу зірватись шквалом оплесків.

Також глядачі мали змогу насолоджуватись виступами інших талановитих студентів факультету іноземних мов : Шестопал Галини, Іванової Марини, Снісаренко Поліни, Бірзул Ксенії, Жабокрицького Дмитра, Місаєва Романа, Тараненко Наталії.

Та не тільки студенти факультету іноземних мов приймали участь у благодійному заході. Студентка лондонського університету Середенко Оксана радо виступила на нашому благодійному концерті.

Ми щиро дякуємо всім учасникам, організаторам, викладачам, глядачам та просто небайдужим, які зробили свій невеликий вклад у велику справу. Завжди пам’ятаймо, що поруч є люди які потребують нашої допомоги! А ми ж в свою чергу не маємо права залишатись байдужими. Не забуваймодобро починається з нас!



Вишневецька Катерина (213)