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4-03-2014, 20:55

Shakespeare Competition in Novoukrainka

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Shakespeare Competition took place in Novoukrainska secondary school #8. Students from city and district secondary schools participated in the competition. They also had an opportunity to watch some films about Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-on-Avon, his life and literary activity. The participants got certificates for active participation and valuable contribution
to the First District Shakespeare Sonnet Competition in honour of William Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary.

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11-02-2014, 05:35

We are pleased to announce the winners of the NPSC 2013-2014

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The first place won Vladyslav Danyleiko, a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, who will represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition in London in May 2014.

The two runners-up are Dariia Bezzadina, a student of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University, and Andrii Skalkovych, a student of Znamyanka secondary school No3.

The audience choice speaker is Oksana Shymanovych, a student of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you again to everyone who participated in the National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014!

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5-02-2014, 16:11

National Public Speaking Competition 2014. Final

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English Speaking Union Ukraine


Friday 7 February 2014, Room 610, KSPU


National Public Speaking Competition 2014

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”




9.40-11.00 Delivering of impromptu speeches



1.     Zakablukovsky Olexander

2.     Leonovets Liubov

3.     Danyleiko Vladyslav

4.     Shymanovych Oksana

5.     Bezzadina Dariia

6.     Mysyk Yevhen

7.     Seredenko Oksana

8.     Ukradyzhenko Alina

9.     Skalkovich Andriy  



                                   11.00-11.10- Break

                     11.10-12.30 - Delivering of prepared speeches




1.     Seredenko Oksana “If your eyes could speak what would they say” 

2.     Mysyk Yevhen "Mankind is under illusion of knowledge"

3.     Ukradyzhenko Alina  “Called Out in the Dark”

4.     Skalkovich Andriy “So ingeniously stupid”

5.     Zakablukovsky Olexander "Moment of Clarity"

6.     Leonovets Liubov “C.A.T. you’ve never had”

7.     Bezzadina Dariia "What do you see in the mirror?"

8.     Danyleiko Vladyslav “The Bedrock of Civilization” 

9.     Shymanovych Oksana "Love of freedom - light of learning"

1.30 pm- Closing remarks. Announcement of the winner, runner up and audience favourite speaker.  


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24-12-2013, 02:50

Благодійний концерт

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«Добро починається з тебе» саме таку назву мав благодійний концерт, присвячений допомозі дітям-сиротам, що відбувся 11 грудня на факультеті іноземних мов.

Незважаючи на холодну зимову погоду, у залі панувала немовірно тепла атмосфера. Ведучі концерту Колесник Каріна (студентка 1-го курсу) та Марченко Ігор (студент 4-го курсу факультету іноземних мов), нагадали всім присутнім, що чужого горя не буває!

Атмосферу добра підтримали Ксенія Чеканова, Папуша Микола, Андрій Павленко, Єрьоміна Анна.

 Слід відмітити Колесник Каріну, Слізкую Валерію та хлопців із мистецького факультету, які виступили із запальним танцем, і змусили залу зірватись шквалом оплесків.

Також глядачі мали змогу насолоджуватись виступами інших талановитих студентів факультету іноземних мов : Шестопал Галини, Іванової Марини, Снісаренко Поліни, Бірзул Ксенії, Жабокрицького Дмитра, Місаєва Романа, Тараненко Наталії.

Та не тільки студенти факультету іноземних мов приймали участь у благодійному заході. Студентка лондонського університету Середенко Оксана радо виступила на нашому благодійному концерті.

Ми щиро дякуємо всім учасникам, організаторам, викладачам, глядачам та просто небайдужим, які зробили свій невеликий вклад у велику справу. Завжди пам’ятаймо, що поруч є люди які потребують нашої допомоги! А ми ж в свою чергу не маємо права залишатись байдужими. Не забуваймодобро починається з нас!



Вишневецька Катерина (213)


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24-12-2013, 02:47

Good Starts With You

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Finally, such a long-waited meeting of the Foreign Languages Department students and the orphans of  Kirovohrad “Barvinok” orphanage happened.

The meeting took place on the eve of St.Nicolaus Day. Sweets, board games and stationery were bought with the money collected at the charity “The Good Starts with You” concert. There were even more presents! The creative Department students had prepared a New Year concert and various competitions.

No words can reflect the atmosphere accompanying the event. It was unbelievably marvelous, filled with goodness, warmth and support. Nothing brings so much pleasure as sincere laughing and child`s joy! Such moments bring understanding that no material, but spiritual values bring happiness! Feelings and emotions can be so strong, that any misery can be defeated with such weapon!

We are grateful to all who wasn`t indifferent, whose heart responded to the request for helping children! You did a great thing! You gave joy and belief in good to the children – and this is the most important thing!



Kateryna Vyshnevetska (213)




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  • Date: 12-12-2013, 16:33
12-12-2013, 16:33

All Human Rights Day

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The UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day in 1950, and since then it has been the major document to protect and promote human rights of the citizens all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most significant human rights documents of the past quarter century.

As far as we are living in a globalized world where all people are so close to each other, we are to be aware of our possibilities and perspectives as well as of dangers and threats.

To note this day the 11th graders from Novoukrainska secondary school #8 participated in a debate game on the topic “Human Rights Are Observed In Everyday Life”.


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9-12-2013, 03:27

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014

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We are delighted to announce the finalists of

the National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014  


The finalists are listed in alphabetical order by the last name:  

  1. Bezzadina Dariia Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University
  2. Danyleiko Vladyslav National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  3. Leonovets Liubov  Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University
  4. Mysyk Yevheniy Lubny Specialized School 6,
  5. Seredenko Oksana Bellerbys College
  6. Shymanovych Oksana Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University
  7. Skalkovich Andriy Znamenka, School № 3
  8. Ukradyzhenko Alina  Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University
  9. Zakablukovsky Olexander Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University





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27-11-2013, 14:05

National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014. Semi-Final

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The Semi-Final of National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014 will take place at 9:40am on 6 December 2013 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University, Room 610. The competition is organized by the English Speaking Union Ukraine

The participants, school and university students who have won the first round of the competition, will compete in debate games and defend their point of view while presenting their speeches.

The winner of National Public Speaking Competition will represent Ukraine in the International Public Speaking Competition that will run in London, Great Britain . Participants from around the globe will gather for a week-long programme of events culminating in the competition final on 16 May 2014. 

This annual competition not only showcases the very highest standard of public speaking by young people from Ukraine, but also proves their deep knowledge of the English language.

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25-11-2013, 02:35

The past is never dead

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On 18th of November 2013 the English-Speaking Union Ukraine invited a veteran of World War II Anastasia Semenivna Poyedynok to share her memories with the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University.

Despite the fact that at a very young age Anastasia Semenivna experienced many tragic moments during the war and the Siege of Leningrad in particular, this wonderful lady radiates optimism and love to life. Although she was talking about very difficult and touching life situations she was full of energy and no tears appeared in her eyes. Not a single student was left indifferent listening to Anastasia Semenivna’s stories about World War II and the Siege of Leningrad.

Before the war Anastasia Semenivna lived in the suburbs of Leningrad  with her mother. She is a very active person and while young she was fond of skiing and took part in various skiing competitions. The life of a 16 -year old teenager was to change  -  the Siege of Leningrad began. For a young girl it was extremely difficult to survive eating only 150 grams of bread a day and seeing starving and deaths all around.  But she survived and then served in the Army. While serving the army Anastasia Semenivna met her future husband and they had two sons. She believed that after the war, her life would be happy, but a terrible accident happened with her elder son: he tragically died because his parachute did not open.

Every story of Anastasia Semenivna was full of true emotions. While listening we deeply empathized with her and felt all her grief and happiness.  An outstanding American writer William Faulkner once said: “The past is not dead! Actually, it is not even past.”  At the meeting with Anastasia Semenivna we went through the war years together with her and realized that the past makes our present and influences the future.  Every time looking into future we should not forget the past.  Let’s remember those who have given their lives for our country and our future and honour and support those who have gone through all the hardships of the World War II and live among us.

We are very grateful to Anastasia Semenivna Poyedynok for an opportunity to know firsthand about heroic events of World War II.

Olexander Tykholaz,

the student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

Kirovograd State Pedagogical University

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22-11-2013, 06:46

The meeting with Kirovohrad Basketball Team

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November 22, 2013


The meeting with Kirovohrad Basketball Team players will be held at 12:40 in Room 709.


Kerri Gardin, Tahnee Robinson, DeAndrea  Mays, Quitrell  Thomas.


This is a wonderful opportunity to share your ideas on the issues of education, sports and culture in the USA and Ukraine.