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31-01-2017, 00:27

Congratulations to the winners of the NPSC 2017!

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1 st place- Kateryna Ilchenko,

National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’

Runner-up-Yana Hrebenyuk,

Kirovograd State Pedagogical University

Audience choice-Karyna Kovalchuk,Kirovograd State Pedagogical University





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19-12-2016, 13:58

The judges are delighted to announce the semi-finalists of the National Public Speaking Competition 2016-2017.

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The semi-finalists are listed in alphabetical order by the last name:

  1. Ihor Chychyrkoza       
  2. Olena Dzhus      
  3. Yana Hrebeniuk
  4. Kateryna Ilchenko       
  5. Dariia Ivashchenko     
  6. Larysa Kolomiiets
  7. Roman Kosiuh
  8. Karyna Kovalchuk      
  9. Darya Kozenets
  10. Olena Lisevych
  11. Anna Lugovaya
  12. Darina Milova              
  13. Nataliia Mykhailova    
  14. Kseniia Osadcha
  15. Natalie Vovchenko      
  16. Milana Yurakh
  17. Helen Zabedilina

Four more participants have been selected as alternate candidates for the Final stage of the Competition. They can be offered to take part in the Final stage in case a principal candidate is not able to participate at any circumstances.

Alternate candidates:

  1. Viktoriia Budun
  2. Olena Levchenko
  3. Alina Konko
  4. Valeriia Tsukanova



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1-12-2016, 19:34

Seminar “Learning from History” in Poland

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Those who don’t remember their past are condemned to repeat it.

On the 13-19th of November, 2016 the group of 8 students from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University participated in the German-Polish-Ukrainian seminar “Learning from history” that was held in Ocwiencim, Poland. The main aim of the seminar was to analyze the issue of hate speech in historical and contemporary perspectives.

The participants were impressed by the organisation of the workshops and amazed by the variety of the activities we were involved into. The students got to know about hate speech in the NS-propaganda in the 1930s, discussed contemporary forms of hate speech and the ways to counteract it. Talking about the workshops it is important to underline, that every participant had an opportunity to express his point of view, because the main motto during the discussions was to respect different opinions.

During group work we, the students from different countries, created posters to discover and interpret the understanding of the topic ”Hate speech”. All participants got unforgettable experience of team work and improved the critical thinking and public speaking skills. Welcoming  and creative atmosphere of the seminar helped us to make new friends quickly and to exchange willingly our emotions and thoughts.

One day of the seminar was devoted to the visit to the State Museum Auschwitz. Auschwitz-I and Auschwitz-Birkenau are concentration camps infamous all over the world. Striding for hours across the large territory of these horrible camps, looking at the trees, changing their leaves, and the sun, shining so brightly it was difficult to believe that not so many years ago an enormous amount of people were brutally murdered in this place. And the same trees might have witnessed the appalling tragedy.  We had a feeling of walking on the ashes of the old world and the ghosts of past seemed to follow us silently. The visit to the museum proved once more that it is extremely important to learn from the past in order that Auschwitz tragedy will never happen again.

We are grateful to the organisers of the seminar for a warm hospitality, fantastic activities and unique opportunity to discuss very serious issues of the past and present in an international environment!


Nataliia Mykhailova, Roman Kosiuh, students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU





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18-10-2016, 17:25

The Proverse Poetry Prize 2017 (Single Poems)

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You are invited to enter in English one or more poems written by you, previously unpublished in English, in which you own the copyright. (You may enter poems you originally wrote in English and/or poems you originally wrote in another language.)


If another person has translated your poem(s) for you, you must acknowledge this and confirm that you own the copyright in the translation.

Poems may be (a) on ANY subject or theme chosen by yourself, OR (b) on the subject or theme, "Happiness", interpreted in any way you choose. You may use any form, style or genre.


Entrants keep their copyright.


Cash prizes are offered as follows:

1st prize; USD100.00; 2nd prize: USD45.00;  3rd prizes (up to four winners): USD20.00.


If there are enough good entries, an anthology of prize-winners and selected other entries will be published. Those whose work is included may purchase the anthology at a discount (but are not obliged to do so).


Max number of entries per person: No maximum.

Length:  no more than 30 lines.

An entry fee needs to be paid for each poem but you may not win more than one prize.

Entry Fee: £8.00 for each poem. (Other currencies available: USD12.00, CAD16.00, EUR12.00, NZD18.00, AUD16.00.) If you wish to pay by HKD (HKD88.00), special arrangements apply. Please see below.


Opening date for receipt of entries/fees 7 May 2017; Closing date: 14 July 2017.


In 2017, judging will take place at the same time as the judging for the Proverse Prize for unpublished book-length fiction, non-fiction or poetry (please see the details for the Proverse Prize).

Judges: anonymous (as for the Proverse Prize for an unpublished book-length work).


The Proverse Poetry Prize is open to all who are at least eighteen years old whatever their residence, nationality or citizenship.


THE FULL DETAILS AND THE FULL RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL BE CONFIRMED IN DUE COURSE. To see these, please visit, from time to time, the website, You may also send in a request to receive the free Proverse E-Newsletter.



WE REGRET WE CANNOT ENTER INTO CORRESPONDENCE ABOUT YOUR ENTRY/IES.¾ The Administrators, the Proverse Poetry Prize (single poems)

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18-10-2016, 17:14

Дебатний день America House Kyiv: Штрафування користувачів за нелегальне завантаження контенту не є виходом для захисту інтелектуальних прав власності.

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Ви креативні, вмієте чітко та швидко формулювати свої думки, знаходите логічні звʼязки для відстоювання своєї точки зору, переконливі та володієте ораторським та мистецтвом презентації на високому рівні? Тоді вам до нас. America House Kyiv запрошує взяти участь у дебатах “Штрафування користувачів за нелегальне завантаження контенту не є вихом для захисту інтелектуальних прав власності”. Не прогавте можливість долучитися до палкої денної дискусії першої суботи листопада в Американському домі, що знаходиться за адресою вул. Миколи Пимоненка, 6.

Формат події: парламентські дебати. Один з найрозповсюдженіших форматів, що грається по всьому світу та користується надзвичайною популярністю. До участі запрошуються дебатні команди. Професіонали чи початківці - не має значення. Головне - вміння твердо відстоювати свої інтереси. Кожна команда матиме власне завдання та цілі. Тема цьогорічних дебатів - захист інтелектуальних прав власності. Чи потрібні вони і якщо так, як саме має провадитися їх захист? Це користь чи шкода для сучасного суспільства? Інтелектуальне піратство - крута справа чи справа суду? Чи, можливо, все має перейти у відкритий доступ? Маєте свої ідеї з цього приводу? Ваша думка має значення. Приходьте та дізнайтеся, що інші мають сказати про захист інтелектуальних прав в Україні та світі.

Тож ви зацікавилися та бажаєте долучитися до дискусії? Стати учасником можна досить просто - достатньо заповнити реєстраційну форму за наступним посиланням - та пройти конкурсний відбір. Кінцевий термін подачі заявок - пʼятниця, 21 жовтня. Відібрані команди отримають запрошення електронною поштою не пізніше 26 жовтня, а вже 5 листопада світ дізнається імʼя нового переможця дебатного дня в America House Kyiv. До зустрічі.


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28-09-2016, 22:37


Category: Information

The Conveners of the English-Speaking Union Ukraine and America House in Ukraine have great pleasure in announcing the beginning of the National Public Speaking Competition 2016-2017.

The competition will run from 1 October, 2016 until 28 January, 2017.

The competition is open to students aged between 16 and 20 in full-time education at the time of the competition. Competitors must be passport holders of Ukraine and must have a valid foreign passport or travel document. 

The winner of the National Public Speaking Competition will represent Ukraine in the International Public Speaking Competition that will be held in May 2017 in London.

To apply for the competition a student should:

  • send a filled in application form (in English and Ukrainian) by email to the address:

Please, take the application form on the site (Heading “Our Projects”, National Public Speaking Competition)

  • make a video presentation (in English) on the topic ”Peace is not an absence of war”, save it onYoutube, and in the application form indicate the reference to it, send the application form by email to:

Requirements for the video presentation:                           

  • Full length shot, formal style
  • Presentation should be shot indoors, in one place, at one time in sequence
  • Presentation should last for 3 minutes
  • It is not allowed to use animation, pictures, accompanying music, any arranging and editing
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech

The presentations, which do not meet the above mentioned requirements will not be taken into consideration.

The Deadline for application forms and video presentations is 30 November, 2016.

The results will be announced on 20, December 2016 on the site the semi-finalists will be invited to take part in the Final stage of the Competition, that will be held on 28 January, 2017 at America House, Kyiv.

Final Stage

1.Presentation of the prepared speech

The theme is Label jars, not people”.

Requirements for the prepared speech:

  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • In choosing their title, speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 5 minutes. Judges may penalize speakers who overrun. Marks will be deducted for speeches which vary more than 45 seconds either side of 5 minutes.
  • Each speech will be followed by the questions from members of the audience and the judging panel. 

2. Presentation of impromptu speech

Requirements for the impromptu speech:

  • Participants will receive their topics 10 minutes in advance of giving their speech.
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • Speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 3 minutes.


Please, feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Contact details of the ESU Ukraine:


+380509179515, +380672546400, +380663317911

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16-09-2016, 19:11

International Council Meeting 2016

Category: Information

This year ESU International Council Meeting was held in Tbilisi, Georgia in early September, 2016.

Delegates from about 20 international ESUs participated in the meeting. The ESU Ukraine was represented by the Chairman Margarita Danilko and a member of the Steering Committee Nadiya Ivanenko. A significant proportion of this year meeting was devoted to the ESU’s educational activities, including  international competitions. The ESU competitions equip young people with the skills and confidence to engage in speech and debate in the English language, and give them opportunities for the exchange of ideas and wider cultural understanding as global citizens in the 21st century.

During the meeting the delegates talked about the celebration of the ESU centenary in 2018. Jane Easton, Director-General of the English-Speaking Union, underlined, that the ESU’s founding vision for friendship, peace and understanding remains as strong as it was in 1918. However, the world has changed so much since the ESU’s foundation. English is now a global language and is taught as a foreign/second language all over the world. Global travel is commonplace. English is represented in the interconnected worlds of business, travel, modern technologies, science and academia, social media, sport and art. And yet, the tensions in the world because of the lack of cultural understanding and dialogue give the ESU members  huge cause for concern.

According to the Agenda delegates presented their Country Reports, which  had been circulated electronically beforehand, and discussed some items raised by ESU member countries. The work of the ESU Ukraine was highly appreciated at the meeting. One more point to discuss was the location and frequency of International Council Meetings.  One of the suggestions put forward was for the ICM to be held concurrently with the IPSC, in the years that the ICM is held in London. 


The ICM gave its delegates and guests an opportunity for face to face communication as they met around the International Council table for formal meetings, and also provided with a possibility to enjoy each other’s company in the hospitality, excursions and events that ESU Georgia had kindly arranged 


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1-09-2016, 17:38

We are delighted to announce the results of the National Essay Writing Competition 2016.

Category: Information

The judging panel decided not to award the 1 st prize.

II place

Ruslan Tsybulia(Kapitanivka School)

Iryna Cherednichenko(Mala Vyska Vocational School №15)

III place

Kateryna Shamrai (Kirovograd professional service industries lyceum)

Julia Demidova(Kirovograd School № 26)

Congratulations to the winners!


The winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony by phone/email.

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8-06-2016, 17:52

IOM invites youth of Ukraine to participate in the national youth video festival PLURAL+ UKRAINE

Category: Information

The IOM Mission in Ukraine joins the global joint initiative of the UN Alliance of Civilizations (AOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) "Youth video festival PLURAL+”, which aims to engage young people to make original and creative videos on the topics of migration, diversity and social inclusion.


IOM Ukraine invites young people aged 16 to 25 to participate in the national youth video festival PLURAL+ UKRAINE, which aims to encourage young people in Ukraine to express their own opinions and ideas about migration, diversity and social inclusion in Ukraine by creating short videos on these topics. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science, and mobile operator lifecellMolodiya Festival and CinemaHall are providing informational support.

If you wish to participate in the national video festival, you will find all necessary information in the Rules and Regulations and in the Entry Form. In case you have additional questions about the festival, feel free to contact Anastasia Vynnychenko at +38 044 568 50 15 or via email


The deadline for submitting short videos to the festival is 18:00 (Kyiv time) on Wednesday, 31 August 2016.

The authors of the three winning videos will receive prizes from the IOM Mission in Ukraine and its partner organizations, and will be invited to attend the concert, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of IOM globally and 20 years of IOM’s work in Ukraine.


IOM Mission in Ukraine encourages participants to also submit their videos for participation in the global PLURAL+. Details on participation in the global festival are available at

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18-05-2016, 18:40

An amazing experience at the IPSC 2016

Category: Information

The ESU International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) is the largest and oldest public speaking programme in the world. Each year, the winners of the National Public Speaking Competitions from all over the world come to London to represent their countries at the global forum, held at the ESU Headquarters Dartmouth House. This year the event started on 9 May and proceeded until 13 May 2016. The participants, aged 16-20, performed their speeches and made friends with people from all over the world.

I was honored to represent Ukraine at the IPSC2016. With all my heart I have enjoyed the time with fabulous young individuals, each of whom represented her own country. Open-minded, honest, provocative, persuasive participants from all over the world gathered to share their culture, traditions and opinions.

This fantastic event is not just about competing. The participants get a chance to take part in a series of cultural, social, and educational events in London. We got incredible experience from different workshops and events organized by the ESU. Group workshops with the ESU mentors, experienced public speakers and debaters,  gave us an  opportunity to practise and master our skills. The play “A curious incident of the dog in the night” we saw at Gielgud theatre showed us the variety of modern British theatre. While exploring different historical artefacts and pieces of art in the British museum we broadened our horizons. We also had a breathtaking workshop with a professional actor at the Globe Theatre.

The event that made one of my first days in London very special was meeting the ambassador of Ukraine Natalia Halibarenko, who  kindly invited me and warmly welcomed at the Ukrainian Embassy. Together we discussed the differences in Ukrainian and British education and possible changes in the national educational system. I have told her about the work of the ESU Ukraine, my studies at the faculty of foreign languages at the KSPU and my participation in the National Public Speaking Competition.

The International Public Speaking Competition started on Thursday 12 May 2016 and included three stages: Heats, Semi-Final and the Grand Final. During the Heats  48 participants from 45 countries presented their speeches on the topic “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they do not have any”. They interpreted the theme in any way they saw it. Their performances were followed by a set of questions from the audience and adjudicators.

The results were announced on 13 May, which was a historical day for Ukraine as it was the first time our country proceeded to the stage of the Semi-Final! At the Semi-Final 18 participants, including me, presented an impromptu speech. Each semi-finalist had 3 topics to choose from and only 15 minutes to prepare the speech. It was a challenging task for everyone!

Six participants, representing Poland, Ghana, Mexico, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and India came to the Final. During the Final they delivered their speeches on the topic “Integrity has no need of rules”. The Grand Final took place in the afternoon of Friday 13 May at the headquarters  of Chelsea Football Club. The judging panel, chaired by Baroness D'Souza, the Lord Speaker, had a tough job in selecting a winner but eventually awarded Vivian Garciacano from Mexico the prize of the winner and Marco Del Valle from the Philippines as the runner-up.

The IPSC expands the knowledge of the world, widens the outlook on many cross-cultural issues and gives the platform for young people from all over the globe to exchange views on a wide range of contemporary topics through the use of the English language. And consequently, it serves to increase international understanding, global awareness and friendship.

It is extremely important for young Ukrainians to form and express their personal opinion, as I am sure that words have great influence on the world and society. And I feel privileged and happy, that participation in this fantastic event enabled me to speak on behalf of Ukraine to the rest of the world. An amazing experience at the IPSC helped me to develop communication and leadership skills,  to realize my potential and  to expand the  knowledge of the world.

 I would like to express my thanks to the ESU Ukraine for their activities, which empower, enrich and encourage young people.

Anna Tsymbalist, the winner of NPSC 2016, a semi-finalist of IPSC 2016, a second year student, Faculty  of Foreign Language, KSPU.