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4-12-2014, 22:43

Meeting with the representatives of the Center of Exchange-Traded Technologies

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"Is it easy to sell money? I answer this simple question that it is as easy as a pie!’’

Tuesday, October 25th, students of the Foreign Languages Department of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University had an amazing meeting with the representatives of the Center of Exchange-Traded Technologies. The meeting was organized by the English-Speaking Union Ukraine. Due to the holding week of the youth financial literacy a lot of useful and interesting information concerning the development of financial knowledge and skills was given. Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Sosonsky and his colleagues are looking for new workers with the knowledge of English for their company. They need such professionals as financial consultants and analysts, traders, freelance trade agents and managers.

The students were invited to the central office of the company, which is located on 25, Dvortsova Street in Kirovograd for detail information and individual talk. The course of studying costs above $ 1,000,  but now you can get it completely free and succeed in a new field having an opportunity to earn some money. If business becomes profitable, students can get a great amount per month.

Everybody enjoyed the presentation and was thankful for such an informative and friendly meeting.

‘’We hope for our cooperating and will be waiting for you. Have a good day and aim at success! ‘’


Anna Klymovska, 3-rd year student, KSPU





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  • Date: 2-12-2014, 07:47
2-12-2014, 07:47

Meeting with the Ambassador

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Meeting Her Majesty's Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Simon Smith was something I had been looking forward to since the day after the national rounds of the International Public Speaking Competition in Kirovograd ended. Needless to say, visiting an Ambassador in his residence for teais not an everyday experience.

The anticipation of the meeting was further enlarged by the amount of time I had to wait – initially planned for April-May, it was finally held in November. As one can see, the aggression of our tri-coloured neighbour causes discrepancies and inconveniences at many levels – geopolitical and personal alike.

Having finally stepped onto what formally is British territory under theVienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, that is Mr. Ambassador’s residence, the first thing that came across my mind is that his temporary dwelling felt like a home of a British family. There was the simple yet exquisiteinterior, with big floor space and high ceilings that gave the place a feeling of both homely coziness and diplomatic esteem.

As I was pouring myself a cup of tea with milk (milk first, I’ve heard that’s how they do it in Britain’s north) whilst admiring the many paintings and features of the interior, a pleasant-looking man approached us. “Simon” – he introduced himself, shook everyone’s hand with a smile and invited the six of us into the living room. Mr. Smith followed the diplomatic protocol even in a meeting with students.

What followed next is a discussion so interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring that it really should have been put in a word-for-word record of the meeting and published somewhere. Of course, this is all thanks to Mr. Smithalong with his wife Sian, who were great hosts and conversation keepers. They toldus their life stories, were interested to hear ours, gave in-depth answers to both easy questions and not. Surely, because Britain plays a significant role in supporting Ukraine in our strive for European way of life and war against the Kremlin, and Mr. Smith is a representative of the British government, a large part of the time was dedicated to the topics of Maidan, Crimea, Donbas, war. Not the most pleasant topics for a teatime conversation, but such are the times we live in.

Fortunately, and thanks to Margarita Danilko, after quite a while we switched to the topic of literature, as I was still itching with questions about politics and international law, overexcited by Ambassador’s answers and insight. He reminded me of his colleague and my grandfather. It seems that with both of them I could talk for hours and never run out of topics to discuss and argue about.


The result of Mr. Smith’s and Sian’s hospitality was that we spent more than two hours at the residence – twice as much of what was initially agreed upon. For us, the students, it was a chance to view our country and its problems from a foreign perspective in an educated way, get a grasp of how the world sees us. And I hope that for the lovely Smith’s it was a chance to perceive the struggles of a young generation of Ukrainians – the ones too young to be in political power, yet too old not to be involved in the creation of their new home and a new Ukraine.  

VladyslavDanyleiko, the winner of the NPSC 2014, a law student of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.



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25-11-2014, 00:01

An Unforgettable Meeting

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SPLENDID! This is the word that comes to my mind when I recollect 18 November 2014, the day we had an informal meeting with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Simon Smith in his residence in Kyiv.

To be honest, I have been waiting for such an opportunity to visit the Ambassador’s residence since my first year of studying at the university and finally I was given this chance.

When we entered the house I imagined myself being in the royal palace – Queen’s Elizabeth II portrait, elegant and cozy furniture, the piano, stores of amazing literature books. Everything was penetrated with the English spirit, even the smell inside was English!

I had not managed to delight with the atmosphere when The Ambassador came and greeted us. Then we had our cup of tea with Mr. Simon Smith and his wife, a very pleasant and smart lady. The Ambassador shared his points of view concerning the current important situation for the Ukrainians and expressed his support for all of us and prosperity for Ukraine.

 The most exciting topic was reading the books as all of us shared what book is the closest to his heart. I discovered Joseph Roth “The Radetzky March”, that, by the way, belongs to the top books of the Ambassador.

My emotions go off scale when the Ambassador started to play the piano, he did manage to impress everyone.

I thank the English- Speaking Union Ukraine for giving such a unique opportunity to meet Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ukraine and to spend some time communicating informally with him while having a cup of traditional English tea.

Looking forward to hosting the Ambassador Mr. Simon Smith and his wife in Kirovograd again!


Lyubov Leonovets, a third year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU, won the 2-nd place in the Essay Writing Competition 2014.


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23-11-2014, 21:22

Зустріч з бійцем АТО

Category: Information

У такі неспокійні для України часи є дуже мало часу на радість, але це лише об’єднує українців, робить нас сильнішими і з кожним днем загартовує. Та найважчий тягар впав на сильні плечі українських чоловіків. Вони, не покладаючи рук, охороняють нашу державу, роблять все, щоб вибороти мир в Україні. Вони звикають жити далеко від своїх дружин, дітей, матерів та батьків. І дуже багато таких воїнів геть зовсім молоді. Ще ніби вчора вони переймалися типовими для юнаків проблемами, раділи життю, а тепер вони готові боротися з ворогом, хоча їм трохи більше (а інколи і менше) двадцяти років. Один з таких відважних хлопців Богдан Несин завітав на факультет іноземних мов КДПУ 18 листопада 2014 року. Він зустрівся з членами Спілки англійської мови України, студентами факультету, та розповів, як то воно жити, коли над головою свистять кулі.

Богдан Несин – двадцятидворічний юнак, в минулому студент факультету іноземних мов КДПУ, зараз мужньо захищає країну зі зброєю в руках. Вже більше ніж півроку він обороняє українську землю від терористів із ДНР та ЛНР, які зазіхнули на територію України, несучи хаос, розруху та горе. Юнак розповів  як він вирішив поїхати захищати Батьківщину. Спочатку він не сказав батькам, на який крок наважився і лише через кілька тижнів вони дізнались про це. Звісно ж вони прохали сина повернутися, але він переконав їх, що цей крок був зважений і необхідний. Врешті решт батьки Богдана підтримала вибір сина.

Богдан розповів студентам й про побут в польових умовах, адже він кардинально відмінний від того, який більшість людей має вдома в мирному житті. Він згадав своїх товаришів по службі, які звертаються один до одного по імені, а не за статутом, адже немає місця на війні для таких дрібниць, 60-річні досвідчені воїни спілкуються на рівних з 18-річними хлопчаками.

Студенти задавали різні питання протягом розмови, наприклад чи вистачає бійцям продовольства, чи є в них  необхідне обмундирування та екіпіровка. Богдан відповів, що крім держави їм дуже сильно допомагають волонтери, а також згадав про вдячних місцевих жителів, які привозять воду, продукти харчування та інші необхідні речі. Згадав хлопець коли вперше атакував та відбивав позиції ворога, як провів день народження в окопі і замість привітань чув вибухи та свист куль. Не забув юнак і про тих товаришів по службі, які віддали життя за мирне небо над Україною. В свої двадцять два роки Богдан вже побачив і війну, і смерть, але він готовий боротися далі, адже не можна дати ворогові знищити Батьківщину.

Студенти, зачаровані такою щирою розповіддю, слухали гостя дуже уважно. Наприкінці зустрічі ми побажали Богдану удачі, а він в свою чергу дав нам настанову вчитися. Допоки такі відважні чоловіки готові захищати нашу Батьківщину, Україна є й буде непереможною!


Олександр Тихолаз,

Студент факультету іноземних мов КДПУ, член Спілки англійської мови України.





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18-11-2014, 22:52


Category: Information

The Conveners of the English-Speaking Union in Ukraine and All-Ukraine newspaper “English language and Culture” have great pleasure in announcing the beginning of the National Public Speaking Competition 2014-2015.

The competition will run from 1 October 2014 until 13 February 2015 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University in Kirovograd, Ukraine.

The competition is open to students aged between 16 and 20 in full-time education at the time of the competition. Competitors must be passport holders of Ukraine and must have a valid foreign passport or travel document. 

The winner of the National Public Speaking Competition will represent Ukraine in the International Public Speaking Competition that will be held in May 2015 in London.

The Competition consists of 3 Rounds


Round 1 15 November 2014

To apply for the competition a student should

  1. send a filled in application form (in English and Ukrainian) by email to the address:
  2. make a video presentation (in Englishon the topic ”To Be Human is to Discuss”, save it on Youtube, and in the application form indicate the reference to it, send the application form by email to:


Please, take the application form on the site


Requirements for the video presentation:

  • Full length shot, formal style
  • Presentation should be  shot indoors, in one place, at one time in sequence
  •  Presentation should last for 3 minutes
  • It is not allowed to use animation, pictures, accompanying music, any arranging and editing
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech

The presentations, which do not meet the above mentioned requirements will not be taken into consideration.

The Deadline for application forms and video presentations is 15 November 2014.

The results of Round 1 will be announced on 20 December 2014 on the site  and the semi-finalists will be invited to take part in Round 2.


Round 2 Semi-Final   12 February 2014

  1. Debate game.
  2. Presentation of impromptu speech

Debate and presentation of the speech will be held in one day.

Five possible topics for debates will be announced in advance for participants to have time for thorough preparation. They will be sent to the semi-finalists by email. The actual topic for debate will be chosen from five possible only on the day of the debate game.


Requirements for the impromptu speech:

  • Participants will receive their topics 10 minutes in advance of giving their speech.
  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • Speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 3 minutes.

The results of Round 2 will be announced on 13 February 2015

Round 3 Final 13 February 2015

Presentation of the prepared speech.

The theme will be announced in December 2014 on the site


Requirements for the prepared speech:

  • Speakers may interpret the theme in any way they see it, but they should not use the theme as the title of the speech.
  • In choosing their title, speakers should not be afraid to be provocative, hard-hitting or humorous.
  • Speakers must avoid speeches that are likely to be perceived as diplomatic or highly political.
  • Each speaker will be allocated 5 minutes. Judges may penalize speakers who overrun. Marks will be deducted for speeches which vary more than 45 seconds either side of 5 minutes.
  • Each speech will be followed by the questions from members of the audience and the judging panel.

Please, feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Contact details of the ESU Ukraine:

Website:  Tel.:+380509179515,+380672546400

The ESU Ukraine, Room 706, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University, 1, Shevchenko Street, Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine.


Contact details of newspaper English Language and Culture:

Email:english.1veresnya@gmail.comTel.: (044) 5373200

The Editorial staff of the paper English Language and culture weekly:

2, Tymiriazievska Street, Kyiv, 01014, Ukraine.


Key dates:

15 November 2014            Round 1 Deadline for a filled in application form and video presentation.

20 December 2014            The results of Round 1

12 February 2015             Round 2 Semi-Final.

13 February 2015             Round 3 Final.


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18-11-2014, 22:51

Debate School

Category: Information

25-26 October 2014





Saturday, 25 October        9.30am-4pm

Sunday, 26 October          9.45am.-2.30pm

Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kirovograd State Pedagogical University



All are welcome!

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11-11-2014, 09:53

Guest Speaker

Category: Information

“Backgrounds and prospects”
Time and place:
14:20p.m., 13 November,2014, Thursday, 
Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU, 1 Shevchenko Street, Kirovograd
All are welcome!
Speaker: Mykhyda Serhii Pavlovych
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31-10-2014, 20:25

Дебати – це те, що мені подобається!

Category: Information

Скажу одразу – мені дуже сподобалось. Наш тренінг почався зі знайомства, і я зрозуміла, що тренери Настя і Сергій - доволі активні та енергійні люди. Настя перша розпочала свій виступ. Вона донесла до нас основи проведення дебатів, розповіла, що це означає і як це робити. Спочатку я була не так зацікавлена в її розповіді, оскільки знала дещо про дебати, але потім Настя дала нам шанс пограти. Після перерви між тренінгами ми вирішили зіграти і отримали таку тему: «Ця палата заборонить демонстрацію іншої символіки, окрім національної і спортивної, на спортивних змаганнях». Спершу я злякалась, оскільки не знала,які аргументи можна навести на підтвердження цієї резолюції. Та потім мені вдалось вирішити цю проблему. Особливо я була задоволена самим процесом мислення, який допомагає мені розвивати себе як особистість і розглядати різні явища з двох протилежних сторін. Я зовсім не очікувала, що саме моя команда переможе. Після цієї гри Сергій розповів нам про контраргументацію. І виявилось, що контраргументація - це справжнє мистецтво відбиття аргументів конкурента. Також ми переглянули відео виступу двох дуже досвідчених учасників дебатів. Завдяки цьому відео ми визначили свій взірець, до якого варто прагнути.

Наш тренінг тривав з 10.00 ранку до 17.00 годин вечора. Важко заперечувати той факт, що всі вже були доволі втомлені, але наші тренери зарядили нас особливою енергетикою, завдяки якій я зовсім не відчувала втому. Я була дуже задоволена цим заходом, оскільки впевнена в тому, що все це сприяє моєму саморозвитку. Для себе я зрозуміла, що дебати це, справді, те, що мені подобається і те, чим я хочу займатися надалі.

Студентка першого курсу

факультету іноземних мов


Волкова Олеся


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21-10-2014, 21:57

Watch the past

Category: Information

Mondays are usually the hardest days of a week. But 20 October , 2014 was different from the others, because it was filled with delightful memories. Imagine yourself walking along the streets of Kirovohrad, but a century ago. Imagine the noises, circling around and the colours, flashing in front of you.

Dr Yurii Mytrofanenko, the ESU guest speaker, created a virtual excursion around the city of Kirovohrad for the ESU audience. Listening to our guide’s  presentation we walked virtually from the Kropyvnytskyi Theatre to Velyka Perspectyvna Street, where the first trams made their way in 1897, from Pushkinskyi College to  City Square, that looks so different nowadays without its cityhall, from Mykolaivskyi bridge to Greek church, where V.Vynnychenko was baptized.  During the trip we tried to recognize the familiar places that had greatly changed. It was so exciting to realize how much the city had developed through centuries.

Moreover, we had an opportunity to see the pictures of the buildings, that were ruined  long time ago. We were amazed  with the impressive architecture of Roman Catholic Church and Elysavethrad Cathedral.

It was a fantastic lecture, that inspired and made a meaningful impact on the audience. The speaker’s profound knowledge on the subject and his excellent sense of humor  influenced greatly the way we perceived the information. Images and individuals flashing on the pictures and in our minds made the past real and  close.

That was a bewitching Monday: without using a magic wand Dr Mytrofanenko  made us fascinated!



Dariia Shevchuk, a 3-rd year student, Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU







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17-10-2014, 14:09

Guest Speaker: Dr.Yurii Mytrofanenko

Category: Information

“History of Kirovograd in Ukraine’s context”
Time and place:
12:45p.m., 20 October,2014, Monday, 
Room 610, Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU, 1 Shevchenko Street, Kirovograd
All are welcome!