The Semi-Final of the NPSC 2013-2014.

The Semi-Final of the NPSC 2013-2014.

On 6 December 2013 the Semi-Final of the National Public Speaking Competition 2013-2014 was held at the Faculty of Foreign Languages Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. What a magnificent event it was! The semi-finalists demonstrated their best public speaking and debating skills and proved that they were worthy to have proceeded to this stage. The semi-finalists were really strong and I believe mostly thanks to the changes in the procedure of Round I. This year all participants were to send their original video presentations speaking on the topic “Tell us about the most memorable event in your life”, instead of sending essays as it was the previous years. This new requirement gave the judges the possibility to see and listen to the participants and to choose the best speakers. 

One more innovation this year is Question Team, which consisted of the students who took part in the International Public Speaking Competitions and in International Debates. Their task was to ask questions for the participants to show their deep knowledge on the topic.  I was a member of the team and together with my partners we did our best to put thought-provoking questions for the participants to prove through the answers their confidence, interest in the topic, credibility and ability to persuade the audience in their ideas. This year topics for impromptu speech and debating were tough, but most of the semi-finalists coped with developing them and the judges have chosen the 9 best of the best, who will compete in the Final!


                                                     Danylko Ivan (the 2nd year student of KSPU)   


The Challenging Competition


The semi-final of the National Public Speaking Competition was held on 6 December, 2013. My excitement was endless when I came to know that I was chosen as a participant for the semi-final. I appeared among twenty-four students from all over Ukraine who had an opportunity to speak out at this competition. The following weeks I was attending very interesting and helpful workshops and training sessions. Our coaches did their best to develop our speaking skills. They trained us how to play debates, how to make our speeches interesting, how to attract the audience not only with the ideas but also  with humour.

I would never forget the day the semi-final of the competition was held. The participants were to play at first a debate game and then presentan impromptu speech. Some participants impressed me with their original speeches, among them are Oksana Seredenko, Vlad Danyleiko and Dariia Bezzadina.

The atmosphere at the competition was friendly although no one lost the spirit of competition. Personally for me it was a challenge, because before the competition it had been a big problem for me to speak out in front of the audience. I wanted to overcome my fear and to be more confident. I admit that I am no longer afraid to speak in front of big audience. I have improved my speaking, debating and leadership skills due to the workshops and the competition itself. I consider it to be my greatest achievement so far! I want to thank our coaches Ivan Danylko, Anastasiia Ganol, Mykhailo Mitsuyk, Igor Omelyanchuk and Anna Havrylyuk for their constant assistance and valuable advice and the ESU Ukraine for an incredible opportunity to participate in this competition.

The National Public Speaking Competition is the best chance for students to develop themselves as public speakers, to master their English and to make friends with interesting people.

 I strongly advise all students to take part in thischallenging competition!


Olexandr Tyholaz , a semi-finalist Faculty of Foreign Languages, KSPU